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Why to choose to visit Prague on your family adventure holidays?

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The Czech Republic may not be the first place that comes to mind when you are looking for a family holiday, but once you go to Prague – the magnificent and historic capital city – you will wonder why you never came before! This is a superb city with a rich history and culture, and one that has plenty of excellent places to stay at, much to do for both adults and children, and is a genuinely fascinating, friendly and charming place to visit.

What is there for the kids in Prague? There’s a lot you may not have thought of, and more besides! With everything from a stunning zoo, amazing water parks and fantastic adventure theme parks, Prague is simply waiting for you to visit, and the kids will absolutely love it.

Fun on land, water and ice

The Mirakulum Park is the first place to check out for a great family day out. Close to the city and easy to reach by public transport, this brilliant yet simple little amusement park offers everything from a small zoo to an amazing and unique underground maze, plus a fabulous climbing area and also a dedicated space for family barbecues and picnics. It’s affordable, fun and will give the kids hours of enjoyment.

Aquapalace Praha is also a fantastic choice, being the largest water park in Central Europe, with rides and fun attractions for all the family. A superb pool, water slides, and an artificial wild river attraction are among those that will keep the children occupied, while the hot tubs, spa and saunas will appeal to mum and dad who can relax while the kids have fun.

For something more exciting and indeed a massive thrill, what about having a go on a bobsled? There are many sites throughout the Czech Republic and close to Prague, and they offer the chance to ride a sled down a pre-planned track at stunning speeds, with many different configurations available.

In the city

The history of Prague is indeed a fascinating one, and there is much for a family to enjoy here. You could take a wonderful boat trip through the city which gives you a unique perspective on the architecture and layout of the town, or take the kids to the Old Town area where they can climb the Old Town Hall Tower – just one of a number of towers that visitors are allowed to climb within the city.

Prague Castle and its surrounding streets and alleyways are absolutely charming, and there is plenty to do in the way of browsing and shopping in this very friendly and welcoming place. For lunch and dinner, the choice of cafes and restaurants serving both local and international food is comprehensive, and you are sure to be able to find a family-friendly spot to suit all of your tastes.

There really is something for everyone in Prague – and in the Czech Republic itself – and we strongly recommend you take the children to the Prague Zoo, one of the top 10 in the world and within easy reach of the city itself, which has a variety of breeding animals so you are practically guaranteed some young to watch when you visit.

If all of this sounds like immense fun, but you are not quite keen on putting an itinerary together, you can always turn to an agency specialising in event is Prague, which can help you out with logistics, travel arrangements, transport and even your accommodation arrangements. All you will then have to do is have all the fun!

A city of many delights, Prague is the perfect family holiday destination and one you will want to visit again once you experience it.

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