Moving with Kids – The Essentials

It is a well-known fact that moving is one of the most stressful situations in life. How can we make it easier?

moving with kids


Moving can be overwhelming for both you and your kids. Have you already accepted that big promotion and you are moving to another city? Don’t panic just yet, there are plenty of useful tips to help you organize better and get your kids through the moving process in the easiest way possible.

The early start

It is of great importance to start with your preparations in time. True, sometimes moving can sneak upon us, and there is nothing we can do about it; but if you know that you have to move weeks in advance, you should use it to your advantage. Anyway, the sooner you start preparing, the better and easier it will be.

You should prepare your children for the fact that you will be moving, so you can give them some time to process that information and deal with it in the best way possible. Children tend to feel sad because of moving to another city and leaving their friends behind. Try and organize your kids to help you with their stuff and their rooms. They can help you a lot, but that is only possible if you have older kids. If you have toddlers or babies, you will have to do everything on your own.

Boxing it up

Needless to say, boxes are your best friend when it comes to an easy and well-organized move. The best thing is to label every box you fill. So, when you start unpacking in your new home, you will be able to organize yourself and unpack things depending on your needs. It is a good idea to collect cardboard boxes in time, and have enough of those to pack all your books, dishes, bathroom sundries etc. You can always ask your grocery salesman to give you some cardboard boxes. This way, you will also do them a favor because they usually have to get rid of all the empty boxes they get every day.


moving with kids


Give your kids time for farewell

Every child needs some time to adjust to the fact that they will be moving and leaving their old life and friends behind. You should give some time to your kids to say goodbye to their best friends, teachers and places they love so much. This will allow them to get some closure and be ready and prepared for a new start somewhere else. Also, the kids will be more willing to help out and accept the change. Their cooperation will make your job tremendously easier.

Ask for help

Surely, sometimes asking for help can be quite difficult, but it can relieve stress. If you have a large family, you can always invite them over for some beer and pizza and you can pack your clothes, for example, while chatting and enjoying each other’s company. If you are moving far away, it may be a good opportunity to catch up because you will not be able to see each other that often anymore.

On the other hand, if you have no one to help you, or you simply don’t want to bother anyone, you can always call movers, like we did, when we hired these Ashfield-based experts for removals to help us out. It was such a good idea because they not only offer packing and unpacking services, but also a temporary storage space.

Food and drinks

Eating well and being hydrated is essential when it comes to moving. Food is especially important for kids. In order to avoid junk food, it is a good idea to prepare some home-cooked meals before the moving day. Box up some homemade pies, a few bottles of water and some fruit. This way, you will make sure your kids get some healthy food and no one will be starving, which is very important since you need your strength.

Moving itself is stressful, but with kids, it is even worse. Still, there is no reason to worry. Good organization is the key to everything, so there will be no problem if you follow our simple tips. It is also important to try and focus your energy on all those new beginnings, new adventures and awesome new people waiting for you just around the corner.

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