Love is in the air: our true story

Our true story about love at first sight: me and Husband.



It happened long time ago (in 1993) in a far far galaxy away… Joking apart we met first time at the university where I studied and where he worked as assistant. Our family backgrounds were very different: I am only child, he comes from a big family (he has two brothers and a sister). He’s lived in the capital and he’s been surrounded by grandparents, cousins, aunties, uncles… they led a rollicking life. I’ve lived with my parents in coutryside and our life was calm and tranquil. We couldn’t be more different…

Then we met and that was love at first sight… at least for me.




When I saw him first I knew he would be my husband and father of my children. For him it took more time to realize I was the True Love. Despite my strong love it was quite hard to me to get used to his big family lifestyle. When I was with them it was a shock for me: around the dining table there was no silence they spoke, argued, reached for food continuously… it made my brain reel. I just looked after the emergency exit, I wanted to escape from there! Then I got used to it at an easy pace.

(Truth to tell I never really got used to it. As yet I’m astonished how noisy a big family can be. Although I live in a big family, surrounded by five kids, sometimes I really want to be somewhere else… far far away from my home.)

“Two kids could be in silence. Three kids could be in silence in theory. Four kids couldn’t be in silence even in theory.”

(Péter Esterházy Hungarian writer)

(Not to mention five kids…)

After 10 years we met first BigBoy was born and after BigGirl, MiddleOne, Fourth and LittleOne. A new adventure began, we became parents.




Our five kids completed our love and our life. Without them our life could be very different but we wouldn’t exchange it for nothing.

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