4 Unique Ways to Embellish Your Christmas Lights

How to embellish your Christmas lights easily?

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Christmas lights are a standard element for holiday decorating, but the traditional approach to home decorating can seem a bit bland. All the neighbors have lights around doors and windows, inflatable figures in the yard, and a neat wreath on the door. Make your home distinctive and give it a little added personality with these creative Christmas lighting projects that will dress up areas both inside and outside the home.

Weave Your Lights Into a Garland

Incorporate a string of Christmas lights into a decorative DIY garland to give the entire piece more personal appeal. You can use rustic strips of burlap, braid together your favorite Christmas-inspired fabric scraps, or add lights to branches of authentic greenery. Though garlands are traditionally lit with white lights, you can use any of several creative options, from a colorful rainbow of lights to cool blue or warm red. Making the garland yourself gives you complete control over the finished look, so it’s as unique as your home.

Provide Tiny Shades

You can turn a simple string of white Christmas lights or LED bulbs from a site like Christmas Lights Etc. into an eye-catching piece of distinctive décor with miniature shades for each light. Dixie cups and cupcake liners are some of the easiest options, with minimal crafting required. Simply choose a set in your favorite color or pattern and make a small hole in the bottom for the light. If your Christmas lights have a point to them, you may even be able to poke the light itself through the cup or cupcake liner to complete the look.

Light Up Quirky Décor

Who says your Christmas lights need to hang primly along your eaves? Add lights to other pieces of décor for a more eclectic holiday look. A faux deer’s head on the wall will become quite festive with lights strung between the antlers. Wind your lights around a hula hoop to create a holiday chandelier that’s ideal for lighting an outdoor space. Light a ladder, a bookshelf, or even a piece of artwork with well-placed strings of lights for a distinctive new approach to holiday lighting.

Place Pretty Paper on Your Strands

You can give indoor Christmas lights some added oomph with paper accents. This can be as simple as stringing paper doilies on your strand of lights. If you prefer a more complex approach, try making origami that you can incorporate into your Christmas lights. A simple origami cube will fit nicely around the lights. You could also tuck a tiny light into the bottom of a paper crane, or hang origami stars from the strand in between lights. Pretty papers may start simple, but with the right approach, they can become a stunning yet affordable way to increase the appeal of your holiday lighting.


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Don’t let your holiday decorating get dull. This is the perfect time to let your creativity shine. Whether you want a cute country look or a chic modern design, you can put together the perfect look with a strand of Christmas lights and a dash of creativity.

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