5 Festive Dinner Table Decorating Ideas For a Chic Holiday

How to decorate your dinner table for a chic holiday?

chic holiday
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On big holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New year’s eve people are found travelling with travelrest pillows, going through long flights to meet their loved ones and spending nights out, there are so many family gatherings to share dinner’s and lunches together, the table-scape or the preset décor theme becomes a priority for those hosting, to execute correctly for leaving a good impression upon the guests.

With the Christmas holidays, as well as new-years, coming up, the below-mentioned content provides prospective inspirations for setting up a chic styled table decor, guaranteed to leave a mark upon your guests.

Unexpected Mismatched Colors

Go beyond the mediocre by using up bold, unexpected colors to awe your guests. Although utilizing beige or while may be a classic; yet, it is too familiar.

If you wish to add color to the table but still play it safe with a touch of the classical whites, then a full coverage tablecloth of a bold color featuring blue, green or even red hues merged with beige or off-white vase can be an excellent choice. The vase themselves can be filled with white cotton balls to bring out a more extravagant touch.

Patterned Table Cloths

Patterned table clothes although cannot be considered as a classic since they are relatively new to the market; yet, have taken the hearts of buyers by a storm. White and black checkered repetitive patterns can aid in creating a rustic theme, especially when paired with wooden chargers.

Centerpieces for efficiently pulling off such a theme could include rustic sprayed pines, as well as aromatic candles surrounded by twigs for a more naturalistic outlook.


chic holiday
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Natural forms of greenery can always help create a naturalistic look to any dinner table setting. It is not still necessary to; however, make sure that they are placed upon the table itself. Hanging greenery from above in the form of chandeliers can aid with adding upon a simple yet, a pretty contrast to the other elements of the table itself.  

Hanging greenery from above also featuring a wooden crate centerpiece placed in the middle of the table can help with bringing out the best of tidings to the entire outlook.

Creative Centerpieces and Coasters

To make sure that the guests are not only visually appealed by the décor theme but also can also be appealed aromatically, centerpieces which appeal to the sense of smell can be opted for. For those that have time on their hands, displays featuring oranges alongside pinecones, dotted with cloves in a pattern can help create a critic yet spice based aroma. You can also go creative with coasters and place them differently as shown in the picture.

For hosts running short of time, pure aromatic candles can be used upon silver carved candle holders to bring upon a dim glow on the table as well as appeal to the aromatic senses of the guests.

Get Creative with the Napkins

chic holiday
photo: pexels

To cater to a bolder décor theme, colorful or patterned napkins can be used. To take the creativity up by a notch, the napkins can be folded up with the help of instructional tutorials over the internet to create traditional festive objects.

For the occasion of a Christmas dinner, for example, a Christmas tree featuring a green colored napkin can be efficiently created when merged with a cinnamon stick as its trunk to entirely wow the guests.

Even in cases where the budget set for the dinner décor may not too high, easy and straightforward DIY décor techniques can always be opted for to help create the ideal chic dinner table décor.  

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