Christmas Wreath From Origami Bows

How to make Christmas wreath from origami bows? It’s easy and can be made by kids too.

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Every year in the beginning of November my kids come to me and try to get me to start making Christmas decorations promptly. Being a mom of five kids, I favor the simple, easy-to-make decoration ideas.

And what is the simplest supply to make Christmas decoration? Of course, the paper. You can use it in many ways and you can choose from many colors so it’s not a question this is the best solution if you want to make something impressive in a short time. (Source.)

Christmas wreath from origami bows


  • many origami bows
  • color paper board (for the wreath)
  • paper glue

We used red and green paper and color paper board because according to my kids, these are the true colors of Christmas.

How to make bows from paper?


  • cut two pieces of wreath-shape form from the color paper board and glue them together (this step makes your wreath more durable)
  • make many bows and place and glue them on the wreath as you like


  • glue both ends of bows not to slip out from the center square
  • you can use the paper bows to make decorations for the Christmas tree: just glue a small clip on the back and you can hang on the tree


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I know well how busy this period of the year can be. Here is a FREE PRINTABLE help to make it easier.

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18 thoughts on “Christmas Wreath From Origami Bows

  1. I’m thinking about how cute this could be made with grosgrain ribbon bows of various sizes, colors and patterns. To keep them nice and perky, apply a fabric stiffener (from a craft store) when the bows are made, and let them dry overnight.

    Fun craft idea for all ages!

  2. This is such a cute idea! My daughter loves making origami animals, so I bet she’d love to work on this for the holidays! Thanks for the video tutorial too..makes it much easier when you see it done!

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