3 Easy Steps to Decorate a Christmas Tree

How to decorate a Christmas tree in 3 easy steps?

decorate Christmas tree

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Christmas!!!! The most beautiful excuse of the year to celebrate life and leave behind the skin of tiring souls like small insects. It is time to wear the freshness of newness. Preceded by Halloween, followed by the new year, Christmas is the center of attraction. It is a platform to relax and revive after the ‘all Saints day’ celebration. Also, it is the preparation to welcome one more new year. 

The prime element that makes the festival complete is the ‘Christmas tree’. Can you really imagine the occasion without this? Certainly not. It is one of your biggest concerns and the desire to decorate it in the best possible way is always there. 

Why not work on some easy steps to decorate your Christmas tree and make the work less bulky. There are already many targets to achieve in the name of festive preparations. It is better if you adopt easier ways for everything. 

Here are 3 easy ways to make your tree look irreplaceably beautiful. 

Lights are enlightening and easy to install

This brings the actual spark to the festival, as no celebration is utter without lights. Usually, they come in green or white wire strands. However, black variations are also available now. Always choose the wire according to the color of your Christmas tree.  This helps the wire merge in the color of the tree and it doesn’t look odd. Set the light in the ‘from inside to out’ style to get the actual look with brilliant shimmer. Start from base of the trunk and go up in symmetry. 

Here are some popular types that you can choose from 

  • LED lights 
  • Globe lights 
  • Traditional incandescent lights
  • Bubble lights

Make your choice with patience as decisions in haste fail to match the beauty parameters.


Oh, this is not something that you can afford to miss on this Christmas. There are plenty of options available in the market and you need to be very precise to match your tree. After all, it is the crown and that has to be special. By the way, going traditional is also great, it is never outdated and in fact, timeless. There are options in this theme. For instance – the star that represents the other star, the angel design which symbolizes the pure souls who announced the birth of Jesus.

If you want to go for something different, there are other options too. Want to try? Great, here they are 

  • Personalized toppers
  • Birds toppers (this year, flamingos and birds are in trend)
  • Snowflakes toppers

Word of caution on toppers – They sit on the most fragile part of the tree and some of the toppers are heavy. This means that you need to make sure that your choice is safe and it will remain steady for a few weeks. 

Decorate on a theme

Yesss, that is a better idea because when you have a direction to follow, you can work in a better way. This gives you the reason to choose decoration of a particular tone. 

Here are the few themes that are always in season and demand. 

The snowscape 

Some may find this style understated but it has its own silky beauty. The theme is all about snowy feel. You have to show the same through elements like icicles, crunchy snow and yes how can we forget the snowmen. Everything should reflect the theme in the texture, color and mood. 

Use the things that can help create a perfect picture. Faux furs, woolen blankets in layers, natural materials are necessary to create the perfect picture. Silver and white are the two prime colors that come in use. 

The garden retreat 

Greenery and natural things are the key things in this theme. As the name says, yes, it is all about the green feel. You can create a cute, little, green corner from this. The lights that are generally used are also green and from base to top, everything should show the elements of nature. This theme is one of the most traditional themes that are always in trend.

The ABC theme

This is the perfect idea for families with children. It inspires learning through colors, shapes, and textures. Your tree will be full of A B and C. However, adding a lot of this stuff is not advisable but yes, it should be adequately visible to communicate the theme. You can mix and match the shapes and colors to make it more interesting for your little humans. 

One more thing, the theme does not mean that you can take only A, B, and C shapes. It is just the name. The prime idea is to include shapes. You can take moon shapes, stars, sun, anything that can teach something good and positive at the festival.


The above three steps are basic and lessen the burden of Christmas tree decoration. If there is any scarcity of funds, there are plenty of festive loan options. You can apply for Christmas loans and by the way, you can borrow despite bad credit scores. Search online, there are plenty of options and you can apply for Christmas funds through 100% paperless procedures. 

All the best for your preparations, keep the zeal and turn your tree in a ‘never before’ beauty. 

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