How To Feel Your Best During Your Pregnancy

How to feel your best during your pregnancy?

feel your best during pregnancy

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From the time you suspect you are pregnant to the time you hold your little one, your life might feel like an emotional roller coaster. You go from feeling nauseous to hearing the beautiful sound of your baby’s heartbeat, and all the pain you went through makes sense.

Although pregnancy can be overwhelming, you can take some steps to be happy and enjoy every moment of carrying your little one until they are ready to come into the world.

Take note of your feelings

Going through this significant life event means that you will have some mixed feelings. Feel the full range of emotions because it’s only for a while. Keeping a pregnancy journal and taking pictures of your growing bump will help you adjust to the pregnancy. It also allows mothers to manage their excitement and anxiety.

 If you are raising the child with a partner, remember they might not be as excited as you are. Therefore, consider respecting their feelings and communicating yours. If you are doing it alone, create a network of family and friends to walk through the pregnancy journey with you.

Plan a healthy prenatal diet

Now is the best time to eat a nutritious diet for the sake of your baby. Ensure your pre-pregnancy diet contains everything you need to take you through the gestation period. It should also contain essential nutrients for the baby’s growth. 

Once you conceive, remember that eating for two doesn’t necessarily mean doubling your food portions. Try sticking to a healthy diet as much as you can to prevent unnecessary weight gain that might add to the stress you might feel already.

Maintain an active lifestyle

When you feel sick in your stomach and bloated, getting off the couch might seem like an impossible task. Resist the urge of sitting around all day, every day, and get up regularly. A little walking and yoga will raise your energy levels. 

Exercising increases your endurance, making it easier to handle the extra weight you are carrying and preparing for the physical demands of labor. It also tones muscles and increases your strength.

Always carry your snacks

Getting hungry, even for ten minutes, might leave you feeling like the day is ruined. That is why you should always have healthy snacks nearby. Eating small amounts of food frequently ensures you don’t feel too full or too hungry any time. 

Since both of these sensations can be wildly uncomfortable and might induce nausea, you will have made your pregnancy experience more pleasant.

Get prenatal massages

A little human touch will go a long way, especially when you are feeling anxious and sad. Massages relieve muscle tension, which has an overall effect on enhancing overall health. 

Massage therapy could also reduce the pain or aches that make you feel tired all the time. 

Research has proven that touch can help mothers, both prenatal and postnatal. It can also improve milk production by stimulating the hormones responsible for milk letdown and output.

Learn how to manage your symptoms

Some women get through the first trimester with a few or zero symptoms. Issues like nausea, mood swings, frequent urination, breast soreness, constipation, and fatigue are expected during the initial 12 weeks of the human gestation period. 

Everyone has a unique way of handling the symptoms. Some choose to eat snacks, while others prefer drinking water to manage fatigue. You can consult other mothers or doctors for ideas on how to ease the symptoms.

Keep off drastic hairstyle changes

A typical pregnancy perk is lustrous, thicker locks because one tends to lose fewer strands than usual. Some women also have shinier hair with varying textures. If you have thick hair and worry that it might become unmanageable, consider trimming it for easier maintenance.

One can use side combs, headbands, and clips to manage the increased hair volume. Since the hair texture and volume changes aren’t permanent, avoid making drastic changes and work with a professional stylist to find the most appropriate cut.


Whatever happens, remember that you are terrific, and the struggles you are facing will be worthwhile in the end. Even if you cannot fit in that fabulous dress or jeans, you are beautiful, and the extra pounds don’t change that. Beauty is more of a mentality than your size or weight.

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