7 Simple Ways to Enhance Your Home

How to enhance your home with a big impact?

how to enhance your home

Photo by David Veksler on Unsplash

Your home is your castle – and these days, you’re probably spending a lot more time hiding behind your moat. Why not make your sanctuary as pleasant as possible?

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to create a significant impact. The following seven enhancements will transform your look without a considerable investment of time or cash. 

Do an energy audit

Do you feel a draft when you sit by your living room window? Perhaps you catch a chill when you walk by your front door. The sensation you feel is energy and money escaping through the cracks. You can invest in weather stripping and caulk to stop the leaks and save cash on monthly utility bills. You will likely spend less than $100, and you can recuperate the value of your investment several times over. 

One of the most substantial energy vampires in your home could be your garage. Installing a new insulated model can significantly reduce energy loss. Plus, keeping the place where you store your car warmer will prevent engine damage from temperature extremes. 

Rip up old carpeting

Do your rugs scream, “The ’70s called, and they want me back?” Send them to the appropriate decade by ripping them out and replacing them with something more modern. 

If you have an older home, you might be sitting on a goldmine. Some homeowners remove their carpeting to reveal beautiful hardwood flooring — all they need is a touch of restoration to look stunning. 

Organize a game room

Many homeowners already have the furniture they need to create a game room. Maybe you have an old dartboard that’s been collecting dust in the basement. You might have stored a couch that’s seen better days – but isn’t ratty enough to throw away.

Take all these disparate elements and reorganize an existing room. If you think it’s worth the investment, you can bring in a billiard table and coordinate your furniture to create a brand new space. Whatever you’re willing to put in, you’ll get out.

Add a fresh coat of paint

Painting is one of the quickest and least expensive ways to transform the entire look of your home. Think outside the dull off-white and ecru shades, and experiment with a creative accent wall that highlights your personality and style. 

You don’t need to paint the entire exterior to give the outside of your home a facelift, either. A fresh coat on your entrance door and shutters creates instant visual appeal. Add a festive wreath and welcome mat, and voila! 

Redo your kitchen cabinets

Do your little angels always startle you by slamming cabinet doors when they pour a bowl of cereal? Why not invest in an inexpensive set of miniature pads that dull the echo when they close too hard? 

You don’t have to invest in a full remodel to renovate your kitchen. You can learn how to paint your cabinets to transform the appearance without significant expenditure. If you have a little money left over in your budget, some new hardware adds more elegant appeal — and keeps messy fingerprints off light-colored paint. 

Upgrade your lighting

If you still have harsh overhead fluorescent bulbs in your kitchen, why not replace them with track lighting? It costs relatively little, but it cuts the glare. 

Plus, this style allows you to direct illumination where you need it the most — like your grandmother’s cookbook. Do the same in the bathrooms, and you’ll instantly boost your self-esteem. Soft LED or compact fluorescent bulbs make looking in the mirror less frightening. 

You can also enhance your home by letting in more natural light. Take down heavy curtains and invest in a privacy window tinting film that lets you see out but keeps passersby from catching a glimpse inside. You can even find varieties that resemble stained glass. 

Clean up your landscaping

When thieves look for a house to target, they seek those with plenty of places to hide. If you let your shrubbery become overgrown, it looks like a welcome mat to miscreants. Keep your bushes trimmed below the height of your windows so anyone looking to break in has a harder job concealing their deeds. 

If you want to create a summer cottage look, you can learn how to build window boxes and add some seasonal flowers. Once you construct the containers, all you need to do is change the foliage to match the time of year. 

Enhance your home with these tips

You’re probably spending more time at home these days, so why not use some of it to beautify your abode? These tips will enhance your property value as well as your joy in your investment without leaving your wallet bare.

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