Unique Ways to Remember a Loved One

Unique ways to remember a loved one.

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Losing a loved one can be difficult. Regardless of their age or physical condition when they pass away, it is hard to part with them. Luckily, there are unique ways to honor them, even after the burial.

Plant a dedication tree

One of the greatest ways to symbolize life is rebirth. Since the person who has passed cannot simply be reborn, planting a tree is a great way to celebrate their life. If you have some of their ashes, it is also a great idea to add a bit of their ashes to the soil with the seeds. Every year as the tree grows, you can clip a branch and save it in memory of them.

If your loved one was a wine enthusiast, there are companies in the UK that allow you to dedicate a vine to the deceased person. In addition to having a memorial vine, they will also send you an annual bottle of wine from their dedicated branch.

Turn their old clothing into a teddy bear

Does your loved one have a favorite piece of clothing they wore? If so, you can have it turned into a stuffed animal. This is especially great for children who have unfortunately lost a parent, is that studies show having the scent of a parent on an article of clothing can help them sleep. If you aren’t fond of teddy bears, turning their old clothing into a quilt or pillow cover works just as well. If the thought of changing their favorite garment bothers you, you can put it in a frame and add a sentimental message or catchphrase they use.

Dedicate a day for celebration

Similar to how people celebrate holidays every year, it is a great idea to dedicate a day to celebrate their lives annually. For instance, if they passed on October 12, you can get together with your family every year and remember them by eating their favorite foods, listening to their favorite music, watching films, or even just getting together to share memories. This tradition is big in Mexican culture and is used to keep the person’s memory alive forever. This tradition is also great for the younger generations who did not get to experience this person to keep their legacy alive.


If your loved one was known for wearing a certain piece of jewelry and you have the privilege of owning it, you can wear that piece of jewelry as an everyday reminder of their life. If you cannot obtain an important piece of jewelry to remember them, a great alternative is to make one. An example of that is buying a bullet necklace for ashes. These necklaces are anti-allergy pieces made of quality silver used to hold the ashes of your loved one that can be easily opened and securely sealed to keep the ashes safe.

The memory of your loved one doesn’t ever have to fade. Any of these unique commemoration ideas will help keep their legacy alive for generations to come.

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