Home Renovations with Young Kids in Mind

Home renovations with young kids in mind.

home renovations with kids

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Kids make a home vibrant because they are very playful and charming. However, it is common for them to get into trouble and mess things up, especially if the house is congested and does not have them in mind during construction. If you are about to renovate your home, this is the best moment to have the kids in mind.

This article will guide you on the factors and considerations to make to incorporate your kids in the renovation plans. Ultimately, this will make them feel part of the home and they’ll live a more comfortable life.

Create ample space for kids

Kids need a lot of space to move around and even play in the house. If you did not have a toy room, this is the time to create it. Perhaps you should hire a reputable architect to redesign your house and create ample space for kids. Fortunately, Humphreysandsons in the UK is always ready for such tasks. You can check their profile or any other equivalent to get a new design for your house with a lot of space.

To create ample space when renovating a house, you might want to think about an open plan layout. Apart from creating a play area, it is also easy to keep an eye on kids at all times. An open-plan layout works best around the living room, dining area, and kitchen. It is crucial to have this mind when approaching an architect or interior designer.

Consider the safety of the kids

Kids require a lot of supervision and management to remain safe at home. For instance, they should keep away from the electronics and devices that can endanger their lives. During the renovation of your home, ensure that electric devices and connections are out of the reach of kids as much as possible.

It is best to hang your TV a little higher than placing it on a TV stand when you have young kids. A great interior designer or architect together with your electrician should conceal all electrical connections, which improves the security for kids but also for all users. It also keeps fire hazards at bay.

Make your house kid-friendly

There are many ways to make your house kid-friendly when renovating it. It is crucial to redesign the floor, bathroom, and bedrooms to make the kids’ lives easier and safer. Speaking of the floor, you need to ensure that it is warm and soft. So, a wall-to-wall carpet or wooden floor is better than ceramic or marble tiles.

When installing the amenities such as the bathroom toilet, sink, and showers, ensure that they are kid-friendly so they can use them safely by themselves. Again, an interior designer will help to achieve these goals and all you need to do is tell them what you need.

Create a lot of storage space

Kids have a lot of items that make their lives good. They need more clothes than adults, use toys, need medication, and a lot more. Hence, they need more storage in their bedrooms than anyone else in the home. In fact, you might need to build an extra storage room if you are to accommodate all of this stuff.

A great architect can incorporate a wardrobe, shelves, under-bed storage, or any other storage solution to make sure the kids are well taken care of. If it is not possible in the main living area, you can create more space in the basement of the house.

Final words

It is only an innovative architect or interior designer who can help you achieve your goals of renovating a home with kids in mind. The most important considerations to make include safety, space, and storage, as mentioned above. Do not let anything divert you from hitting these goals to make your life more comfortable.

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