yoga help with stress

Does Yoga Help with Stress?

People are bombarded with constant distractions. From emails to social media notifications and new streaming content uploaded every day, we are rarely away from some form of technology. Though life is easier with these advancements, it has also elevated our stress levels. Prolonged periods of stress can lead to unhealthy habits, such as developing an alcohol use disorder. 

commitment to an exercise routine

5 Ways to Increase Your Commitment to Exercise Routines

It can be hard to follow a regular exercise routine when balancing family, friends, work, and activities in your life. Even if you are well-intentioned, you may find after a long day of work, you are too tired, and on the weekends, you might want to rest. To succeed in your exercise routine, you must be dedicated and committed. Here are five ways to increase your commitment to an exercise routine:

useful fitness tips

8 Useful Fitness Tips Every Full-Time Working Mom Must Try

Any working mom would easily succumb to the pressure between getting fit and taking care of the kids. And juggling between work and family can lead to stress, fatigue and completely takes the life out of balance.  Moreover, having a new baby creates a dramatic change in a woman’s body after delivery. A healthy lifestyle and exerting effort for physical activity is an essential way of taking care of yourself as well.  Needless to say, any form of exercise has a lot of benefits, from boosting your energy levels to improving not only your physical physique but more importantly, your mental and emotional well-being. To achieve this, it does need, however, motivation, determination as well as hard work to change your situation.