road tripping while pregnant

Road Tripping While Pregnant

The fact that you have a baby growing inside you doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a road trip. You can still enjoy the bliss of picking up the car and hit the road to reach a fun destination. You can still enjoy the sights along the way. However, you have to understand that your pregnancy puts you in a delicate situation. Things are not as easy as before. This also applies to plan and going on a road trip. 

trip to Busch Gardesn Williamsburg

Tips to Make the Most of a Trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg

How to make the most of a trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg? Photo by Chris Slupski on Unsplash Busch Gardens Williamsburg is one of the most popular attractions in the Williamsburg, Virginia area. Other Williamsburg attractions include the Jamestown Settlement, Yorktown and of course the living history museum Colonial Williamsburg. If you’re planning a trip to Busch Gardens []