limit screen time

4 Strategies to Help Avoid Conflict With Your Teens When Limiting Screen Time

Teenagers are spending more time on their phones and computers than ever before — and so is everyone else. Whether or not they’ll admit it, teens look to their parents as role models and many modern parents are setting the example that it’s not OK to be bored. Overall, it’s how your teens use their devices that matter most. Here’s how to avoid conflict with your teens when setting screen time boundaries.

teen's first car

A Guide to Helping Your Teen Buy Their First Car

Your teenager is ready for a major rite of passage. It’s time to get a car. You are all filled with anticipation. Being able to drive means having more freedom to see friends, travel, and work. It’s an important step toward adulthood. This is your chance to offer your child guidance as you get ready to purchase the right car for your son or daughter. Whether you are paying a portion of the expenses or your teen has earned the money for a set of wheels, you want the first car to be a practical choice.

teen's first car

How to Prepare for Your Teen’s First Car

Considering that your teen is about to get their first car, you would think that there would be plenty of guidelines to follow. After all, this is the age when most kids turn fourteen and begin driving. But according to statistics, more than 80% of teenagers who have their driver’s license taken away for some reason get their permit reinstated within a year. If they can do it, so can you. So how do you know if getting your teenager, a car is a right decision or if it will backfire in the long run? Check out these tips to help your son or daughter reach their first car on the right track.

substance abuse issues

5 Warning Signs Your Teen May Have Substance Abuse Issues

Many factors have attributed to the rise of substance abuse among teens, especially those undergoing adolescence since they are at that period where they are easily influenced and want to try everything. When your child begins abusing drugs, there are always signs they tend to exhibit before it becomes a serious issue. So here are 5 warning signs your teen may have substance abuse issues.

resume for teen

Best Examples For Teen Resume in 2022

Most teenage jobs now demand that you present a CV. However, as a teen, you are not likely to be an expert in resume writing. It can be tricky to write a flawless resume, especially when you do not have much previous work experience to show in your cv. Do not worry because this article has you covered. The example and advice below should help you make a good resume and explain what to add to a CV for a teen without any professional experience to attract prospective employers.

teen's moving out

What Your Teen Should Know Before Moving Out

Leaving home for the first time is an essential step in any young person’s life. However, there are some things that all teens should know before making this big move. Today we’ll look at some of the most important things to remember when preparing to leave home. Whether you’re a teenager who is about to make a move or a parent helping your child prepare, read on for some helpful advice!

teen's scoliosis

6 Signs Your Teenager May Have Scoliosis

If you’re a parent, it’s essential to be aware of the signs and symptoms of scoliosis in your teenager. Although scoliosis is most commonly diagnosed in children 10-14 years old, it can occur at any age. If you suspect that your teen may have scoliosis, it’s essential to get them evaluated by a doctor. Here are six signs that your teenager may have scoliosis.