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What You Need to Know Before Your Teen Starts Driving

It can be exciting and daunting to know that your child is reaching an age where they will be eager to start driving. The best way to prepare for this milestone is to consider the important lessons your teen needs to know before getting their license. There’s a lot you need to keep in mind and teach your kids, from advising them about the financial responsibilities of driving to the potential dangers that can pop up along the way.

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Essential Lessons Parents Must Impart to Their Teens Before They Fly the Coop

It can be sad. But it’s also quite rewarding to see your kids leave the house and build a life of their own, especially if you know you’ve provided them with the knowledge they need to succeed. If your kids are a few years away from leaving the nest, then this is the time to teach the lessons that can help them thrive when they start their brand-new lives.

Kawaii fashion tips for teens

Help Your Teen Be on Trend with These Kawaii Fashion Tips

As a parent, seeing your teen’s sense of fashion evolve can be both exciting and intimidating. Before you know it, their outfit is completely different from what they used to wear the month before! These days, more teens are gravitating towards kawaii fashion which has been gaining traction in recent years—it’s all about having fun with bold colors, bright patterns, and imaginative designs! Whether your teen has already jumped on board this movement or not yet tried out Kawaii fashion trends for themselves, we have some valuable tips for helping them make good style decisions so that they look put together without sacrificing their own unique personal style.

teen manage emotions

8 Tips to Help Your Teen Manage their Emotions

Everybody has feelings that sometimes lead to a range of emotions, from anger to anxiety. These feelings are important signals that help you deal with your life and the world around you, but sometimes they can also be overwhelming and make life difficult. If you feel like your teen is having trouble managing their emotions, don’t worry — here are some easy tips to help them.

limit screen time

4 Strategies to Help Avoid Conflict With Your Teens When Limiting Screen Time

Teenagers are spending more time on their phones and computers than ever before — and so is everyone else. Whether or not they’ll admit it, teens look to their parents as role models and many modern parents are setting the example that it’s not OK to be bored. Overall, it’s how your teens use their devices that matter most. Here’s how to avoid conflict with your teens when setting screen time boundaries.