teen commits a crime

What To Do When a Teenager Child Commits a Crime

Raising children is one of the most challenging duties all around the world. But, sometimes, no matter how hard you try to raise a well-behaved kid, you should keep in mind that a child’s brain is like a bit of a sponge, meaning it will soak up everything they see on TV, at school, and in their surroundings. Unfortunately, as a result, some children will grow up to be troublesome teenagers, and in some cases, they might even commit a crime.

teen using drugs

Is Your Teen Using drugs? 5 Strategies for Intervention

The suspicion that your child is abusing drugs is unsettling for any parent. Most teens will try drugs or alcohol before their high school graduation, but one-time use can quickly lead to a habit. According to the National Institutes of Health, most adults who have a substance use disorder started using before they turned 18, and developed the disorder by age 20. If you think that your teen may be experimenting with drugs or alcohol, your mind may be racing with questions. You may feel overwhelmed and uncertain. Here are a few considerations as you begin to plan the next steps of how to intervene.

first car for your teenager

How to Pick The Perfect First Car For Your Teenager

Getting their driver’s license is an exciting milestone for your teen. You’re probably excited, too. Most parents also worry about their new teen drivers. That’s understandable. You probably have questions when it comes to buying their first vehicle because you want to choose one that is as safe as possible for your new driver. Follow these tips for how to pick the perfect first car for your teenager, and you’ll feel more secure when you set out to make your purchase.

things to teach your teen about car

6 Important Things to Teach Your Teen About Their Car

Your teen has reached a major milestone. She’s passed her driver’s test, her license is in her hand, and she’s ready to hit the road. Before you let her go out on her first solo trip, or she loads up the car with all her friends, there are some important tips you should pass along to your teen driver. You’ll spare yourself some anxiety. You might even avoid getting a call to come to the rescue. Knowing the basics is important for any driver at any stage of life, but especially for someone who is relatively new to driving.