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Positive Reinforcement Training for Dogs: 4 Challenges

Dogs aren’t born knowing how to sit, stay, and lie down on cue. These basic commands are taught by their owners or dog trainers and are often learned during their puppyhood years. Proper training at an early age encourages dogs to exhibit positive behaviors, such as playing without becoming too rough, ignoring distractions, and staying calm when surrounded by people and other dogs—all of which are key to a dog’s socialization and their safety from incidents like fights or road accidents. Above all, a successful training regimen inspires trust, loyalty, and a stronger bond between a canine and their human.  

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Create Positive Energy In Your Home With Crystals

When it comes to energy, your home is a reflection of you. The more positive energy you have in your home, the more positive energy you will attract into your life. One way to create positive energy in your home is by using crystals. Crystals are known for their ability to absorb and amplify energy, making them the perfect tool for boosting the vibes in your space. And while there is no size fits all when it comes to crystals, there are some general guidelines you can use to ensure they are working in harmony with your home.