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Getting Started: A Guide to Choosing the Right Beginner Violin

Being a beginner playing the violin is an intimidating phase in a musician’s life. But it’s also crucial because this stage is all about building the foundation and fundamentals you need to become a successful violinist. One challenging part of being a beginner is choosing the right instrument. You need to take many options and considerations to purchase the ideal violin for you. Fortunately, there are particular ways how you can pick the right beginner violin.

kid learn musical instrument

Why Your Children Should Learn a Musical Instrument

According to a study from Northwestern University published by TIME, kids need to be engaged in learning about music and directly participate in playing instruments instead of simply listening to music. The study indicates that even for highly engaged studies, small periods of direct engagement in playing a musical instrument enhance class participation and strengthen the brain’s functions. Music training is extremely beneficial for children of all ages, according to the director of Northwestern University’s Auditory Neuroscience Laboratory Nina Kraus.

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5 Reasons Why Music Is Important for Kids

Whether you want your kids to learn to sing or play a musical instrument because you’re musically inclined or because you’ve noticed your little one has musical talent, it’s important to introduce music lessons into your child’s life as soon as possible. In addition to your child learning a new skill, music has educational and psychological benefits that will impact your little one’s life well into adulthood.