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Sending Money Home: How to Send Money to Family Securely and Efficiently

As the world becomes more diverse and people spread out farther than ever before in pursuit of work, you would have thought that remitting salaries back home would be simple. After all, banks are highly interconnected, and most people get paid electronically nowadays. But the simple act of sending money back to your family in another country can often be far more convoluted than you might think.

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Financial Planning Tips for New Parents 

The momentous occasion of welcoming a new family member is greeted with unending joy and excitement. But it’s simple for new parents to forget about the big financial consequences of parenthood in the rush of changing diapers and restless nights. Raising a child involves careful financial planning and foresight, from the initial costs of setting up a nursery to the long-term costs of education and healthcare.

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8 Great Ways to Teach Kids About Budgeting

It’s common for young people to get into debt and financial difficulties simply because they don’t know how to budget or understand the value of money. If you have children, teaching them about money and its value and how to budget effectively can be one of the best ways to help them in later life. Here are eight great ways to teach kids about budgeting. 

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How to Avoid Common Loan Scams and Pitfalls

Are you looking to get a loan but feeling stressed by all of the different options, and uncertain what pitfalls to watch out for? You’re not alone! Every day more people are realizing that online loans can be an excellent way to finance purchases, consolidate debt or cover emergency expenses. Unfortunately, with greater convenience comes the greater risk of running into dishonest entities offering scam loans.