first swimming class

A Guide for Your Toddler’s First Swimming Class

Do you remember your baby’s first word, first step, and first haircut? Your baby’s firsts are always a big deal for the family. If you’ve enrolled your child in a swimming class, their first swimming lessons won’t be any different. Letting your child learn to stroke and float in the water at an early age is a valuable skill that can save their or someone else’s life in the future. 

kids need play

Science Agrees: Kids NEED Play

Science agrees: kids need play. Photo by Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash Historically, children have participated in ample amounts of unstructured, unscheduled, and even – gasp- unsupervised play. All that changed when education initiatives, after school programs, and modern-day parenting standards forced children to give up more and more of their free time. Now, researchers are coming out with []