reduce household chores

Simple Ways to Reduce the Load of Household Chores

The truth is that many people are genuinely not that happy with the idea of having to maintain their homes clean and tidy. It often feels like a never-ending chore, especially if you have children in your household. The good news is there are ways to make housework easier without having to hire cleaning services or obsess over every speck of dust in every corner of your home. The trick is to have a plan, stick to it, and cut out all the unnecessary tasks.

eco-friendly cleaning tips

3 Tips for Eco-Friendly Cleaning 

The tedious task of scrubbing the counters, organizing mounds of toys that will only appear again in ten minutes, and inhaling all of those chemically fumes from cleaning products… cleaning the house is a task most of us wish we could skip. And to go along with the task of maintaining the state of your house, there’s also the added expectation of doing it in an eco-friendly way. Luckily for you, doing this is nothing compared to those bathroom floors. Cleaning your home in an eco-friendly way is actually way easier than you think, and can even be done all on your own! 

outdoor chores for kids

7 Outdoor Chores for Kids to Teach them New Skills

If it’s the parents’ responsibility to manage the household, do you think kids should have chores? Definitely. Kids gain a lot from doing chores or any small task. Household tasks are beneficial learning opportunities for them. Giving them chores doesn’t mean you’re taking out their opportunity to “just be kids”. You’re actually helping them learn about life skills that will be useful later in their lives. You’re teaching them responsibility and self-reliance. You’re building a strong work ethic in them. Most importantly, giving them chores help you create special moments or a chance to bond with your kids.

carpet cleaning devices

How To Choose The Right Portable Carpet Cleaning Devices

Carpets are a rather important part of your home, office, or any other property that you might have. Sure, these are not the same as they once were and people choose to have a few carpets as possible nowadays, but the truth is that everybody loves owning at least one. It adds to the aesthetics of the place while at the same time adding to its functionality in certain instances.

fail-proof cleaning hacks for working mom

7 Fail-Proof Cleaning Hacks for Every Working Mom

Every working mom aspires to balance career and family life. However, with so many things to consider and prioritize, house cleaning is usually neglected and overlooked. In most cases, working moms give so much effort in tidying up the house or organizing cluttered objects, but after some hours of kids’ play, the house is once again a mess. Undoubtedly, all moms want a clean and organized home because it provides comfort and safety to the children. Between raising kids and being a working mom, including completing daily errands, creating a clean and maintained home may not be easily feasible. 

cleaning tips for property owner

4 Cleaning Tips Every Property Owner Needs to Know

Expertise in cleaning is the most crucial thing to know before you go to clean your property. There is a lot of cleaning tips everywhere but, you just need to know useful ones. Those tips must be general and efficient. Your work gets a lot easier when you know all tips. SCRUBRIGHT is here to let you know four cleaning tips to keep your property better! You just must take few needed cautions. These added tips will surely help you out with cleaning

kid-friendly cleaning products

DIY Lung-Safe and Kid-Friendly Cleaning Products 

Did you know the products you’re cleaning your home with could be causing more harm than good? Unfortunately, many store-bought cleaning products contain fragrances and chemicals that can be harmful to those with lung diseases or illnesses and can trigger asthma symptoms in children. According to the Canadian Medical Association Journal, children who are exposed to toxic cleaning products are at higher risk for developing childhood asthma.