finances before having a child

Tips for Parents to Prepare Their Finances Before Having a Child

When it comes to planning for parenthood, you have a lot more to think about than setting up the nursery and purchasing baby clothes. Having a child is a wonderful experience, but they’re also very expensive. In fact, did you know that parents spend an average of $30,000 during their baby’s first year alone? It’s important for you to prepare your finances before the big day comes. In this article, we’ll be providing tips for parents to prepare their finances before having a child.

how having a baby changes your body

How Having a Baby Changes Your Body: What to do About It

You have just experienced the greatest adventure of a lifetime. You gave birth to your precious bundle of joy. You are overjoyed that this miracle has happened to you. You wouldn’t trade anything in the world for the journey you have taken to reach this day. All the highs and lows have been worth it. However, you need to come to terms with the way your body has changed since pregnancy. Don’t worry. You can take back your pre-baby body with time and patience.