the art of floriography

The Art of Floriography

When you’re putting together a bouquet, it’s important that you know the basics of floriography.  If you’re not sure what floriography is, it’s basically the language of flowers.   Every flower has a different meaning that conveys a different message.  Whether you want to congratulate someone or celebrate your love, flowers are perfect for expressing almost any emotion.

summer flowers in the garden

Find your Flowers: 5 Best Summer Flowers For your Garden

With summer in full swing, beautiful hydrangeas and peony flower beds decorate front lawns in a rainbow of vibrant colors. Who wouldn’t want their garden to look luscious with blooming flowers at every corner without much lawn care? If you are looking to enhance your garden, planting a variety of summer flowers is a great way to spruce up your garden’s looks and support its ecosystem. Below are flower suggestions that you can use to transform your bleak garden into a delightful backyard aesthetic no matter what your climate may be.