a female lawyer holding divorce documents

Understanding the Legal Process and Emotional Impact of Divorce

Divorce – the word brings with it a ring of hardships and tangled emotions. For couples facing the prospect of divorce, it paints a complex, winding scenery over the horizon. It’s a chapter that spells the closing on a significant part of life, and as with any major life event, understanding the terrain is crucial. The legal process of divorce is intertwined with emotional hurdles, and this dual challenge can be taxing to the people it affects.

the way you feel

9 Reasons Why How You Feel Affects The Way You Think

Controlling your family life isn’t easy. Roughly 95% of your mind’s thoughts, actions, emotions, and processes are controlled by the subconscious mind (emotional mind). And on top of everything else, there are so many things to juggle and worry about for the conscious mind. According to thinking statistics, 2% of people think, 3% think that they think, and 95% would rather not think at all.