eco-friendly changes in family

Eco-Friendly Changes That Will Benefit Your Family

If you haven’t heard, our planet’s health is suffering. From climate change to depleting natural resources to food waste to garbage patches in the ocean, there’s a list of things threatening the environment’s ability to thrive. An effort from corporations and government agencies is necessary for change, but so is a commitment from individuals and families to adopt more eco-friendly behaviors and practices. 

eco-friendly cleaning tips

3 Tips for Eco-Friendly Cleaning 

The tedious task of scrubbing the counters, organizing mounds of toys that will only appear again in ten minutes, and inhaling all of those chemically fumes from cleaning products… cleaning the house is a task most of us wish we could skip. And to go along with the task of maintaining the state of your house, there’s also the added expectation of doing it in an eco-friendly way. Luckily for you, doing this is nothing compared to those bathroom floors. Cleaning your home in an eco-friendly way is actually way easier than you think, and can even be done all on your own! 

teach kids to go green

How to Teach Your Kids to Go Green

The eco-friendly home: how to teach your kids to go green? Photo by Buenosia Carol from Pexels It’s no secret that families, especially big ones, create a lot of waste. From tossing out old leftovers to an overflow of empty plastic water bottles, keeping your home eco-friendly can be a difficult undertaking. If you’re looking to start developing []