activities of daily living

Daily Living Checklist For Seniors

Try and imagine waking up in the morning. What are things that you typically do? How do you get yourself out of bed? Do you throw your feet over the edge, stand, and walk straight to the bathroom? Or do you go downstairs and make yourself some breakfast? These tasks are called activities of daily living or ADLs. For people with disabilities, especially the elderly, simple tasks such as getting up in the morning or walking down the stairs to make breakfast are harder to accomplish. 

clean home effectively

How to Clean Your Home Effectively

Life is busy enough for many people without throwing cleaning into the mix. And yet, a clean, well-organized home functions so beautifully; it can actually make our lives feel less stressful. While it can be difficult to devote part of each day to cleaning tasks, doing so will help you keep up with what might otherwise feel overwhelming. Leaving all the tasks for a Saturday not only ruins your Saturday but might be difficult to accomplish, especially if you have last-minute company or want to make other plans.