teaching kindergarten boys

Challenges of Teaching Kindergarten Boys

They say boys are made of snips and snails and puppy dog’s tails, an old idiom reflected in the daily life and trials of educating young boys. While female counterparts are usually calm and organized, boys tend to push boundaries and get dirty, always striving for the next adventure no matter their environment. This can create problems in the classroom, especially once timetables become the norm.

age-appropriate toys for boys

How To Effectively Choose Age-Appropriate Toys For Your Son

Give a child any toy, and chances are you have a happy kid. Ideally, young kids aren’t fussy when it comes to kids and baby toys, but you should be as a parent. As kids grow, they are little explorers who learn by doing. Playing with toys gives your child a golden opportunity to practice and develop new skills at his or her own pace by following some special interests. The toys you make available to your kids can shape their growth and development in many ways. While choosing toys sounds like an easy job, walk into any toy store, and the only thing you feel is being overwhelmed. Here are some ideas for choosing toys for your child – especially your son – that will nurture their overall growth.