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Poppy Seed-Salt Snack

No family cinema without something to snack on: the salty-poppy seed cookie is an absolute favourite.   We watch television only occasionally… better said, we never watch it. We rather record the movies we like, so that later we can watch them anytime and anyway we want, so it’s the most comfortable for us. Let []

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Beauty from the Kitchen

Your kitchen activity needn’t consist only of boring and routine-like things. With a little beauty, even the production of the hundredth cookie can be easier. With five children sometimes I almost feel as if kitchen activity was weight on my shoulders, even though I have no problem with cooking. I like the preparation, the process []

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How To Make Homemade Doughnuts?

The only thing I like in carnival holidays is the homemade jam doughnut.   In my country, there’s no carnival holidays in February without homemade doughnuts. There are many types of this pastry, but my favorite one is the Berliner or the jam doughnut. This pastry reminds me of  my childhood, of my grandma who was a master of []