annoying things kids get older

Annoying Things You’ll Miss When Your Kids Get Older

“Time flies” may sound like a cliché. But once you have kids, the phrase suddenly starts to ring true.

Stepping into motherhood carries a huge responsibility, and it goes beyond simply taking care of the kids or cleaning up their mess. As a mom, you’ll be subjected to endless antics and drama, and it is up to you to stay patient and rise above it. From cleaning up precious rugs to mediating between fighting children, being a parent entails providing corrective guidance so they grow up happy and healthy. And even though parenting can get incredibly stressful, you’ll find yourself looking back fondly even at the most stubborn mistakes of your little ones.

anxiety and depression

Depression and Anxiety: 5 Signs to Look For in Your Child

Children can suffer from depression and anxiety. Depression is deeper than the normal feeling of sadness that can happen to any child while growing up. Depression is deeper and may interfere with their normal activities, schoolwork and interests. Anxiety looks different from depression in that it is defined as deep feelings of worry and fear. Anxiety affects a child’s sleep, eating and behavior. Here are five behaviors to look for in your child that may mean he or she is suffering from either anxiety or depression.

battery powered car for kid

Safety Tips for Your Kids When You Buy a Battery Powered Car  

In this modern-day and age, the toys that kids play with are very different from those that brought entertainment and enjoyment to the older generations. In the past, children were more into board games, playing outdoors, or toys that are mostly manually operated such as pullback cars or stuffed dolls. On the other hand, the toys that children play with nowadays are already infused with technological innovations which are no longer limited to toys such as battery-operated walkie talkies or remote-controlled cars, but with even more features. For instance, instead of a remote control device, there are toys that entail the need for you to install an app on your smartphone. Through the app, you will be able to turn on or turn off the toy and converse with your child based on the responses you key in the app. 

kids refuse to go school

How to Handle Your Child’s Tantrum When They Refuse To Go School

Parenting is not an easy task, and most parents have to deal with outbursts at some point. Often kids get upset by minor things ranging from a broken toy to not being allowed to watch their favorite programs. But, dealing with tantrums can push a parent’s patience to extremes. Sadly, some kids even refuse to attend school, and many lack the skills to handle this.

staycation ideas for mom

Staycation Ideas for Mom

Being a mom is a full-time job, one that is very rewarding, but unfortunately, there’s no “paid time off” for being a mom. That’s why you need a momcation: a vacation sans kids. This pause in your normal day-to-day life is an important activity that all busy moms need to take advantage of. 

mental wellness gifts for kids

5 Mental Wellness Gifts for Kids to Enjoy While in Quarantine

Being stuck in quarantine is not always fun for you, and it also can be tough for kids. Think about how hard it can be for you to fathom certain things related to the crisis. Now think about how much harder it likely is for children to do this. Everyone’s mental wellness must be attended to during a quarantine. And this definitely pertains to children. To help kids while in quarantine, consider these five mental wellness gifts.

ideas for family reunion

5 Great Ideas for A Family Reunion

It’s the time of year again when your family wants to know which activities will be included in your upcoming family reunion. If you’re trying to come up with ideas, consider the interests and hobbies of your relatives. Think about whether your family members would prefer to relax during the reunion or engage in action-packed excursions? Here are some great location ideas for a family reunion that will make the occasion especially memorable.

pediatric oral health

Pediatric Oral Health & Hygiene

Many parents think dental problems are more likely to occur in older kids. However, dental problems do affect young children. The most common pediatric dental issues include tooth decay and early gum disease. Maintaining your child’s oral health at home, along with regular professional cleanings, can keep dental problems at bay and help ensure a healthier future for your child. Read on to learn about the symptoms and consequences of childhood dental issues, and how you can prevent them.