grandparents providing childcare

Should Grandparents Be Paid For Providing Childcare

It’s not uncommon for grandparents to assist with child-raising. In fact, it’s far more common than you might think: statistics show that 937,000 children are receiving care from grandparents, and on average grandparents provide 16 hours of care per child per week. America is one of the most expensive countries in the world for child care. The reasons behind this are many, but one of the key metrics is the number of children being enrolled in daycare. It has increased fivefold from the early 1990s, as more and more families need to become dual-income households to meet the escalating costs of living.

perfect family home

How to Build the Perfect Home for Your Family

Building the perfect home for your family can be overwhelming due to the increasing cost of building material and property. What you decide to build may depend on the size of your family and how frugal you would like to be. If you have plenty of money to blow, then you may end up building a very large home however if you are on a tight budget, a smaller home may be more feasible. A family of three doesn’t necessarily need a five-bedroom four-bathroom home. Some individuals enjoy living in a tiny home and having more money for enjoyable activities. Whatever you decide to do, there are definitely many options out there.

online e-learning resources

5 Great Online E-learning Resources for At-Home Learning

Technology is rapidly changing the way we conduct our everyday activities, and learning has not been left out. Today, students do not have to be in physical classrooms owing to the countless innovative eLearning resources available. Whether you’re a student, parent, or teacher, here’re the top five eLearning resources that you should take advantage of today based on the specific discipline you’re looking for.

child's dental health

These 8 Tips Will Help With Your Child’s Dental Health

Your child’s teeth influence their overall health. However, you might be one of many parents struggling to instill positive hygiene habits in a reluctant little one. Understandably, children resist things that they don’t understand or fear might hurt. However, taking care of their teeth need not be mysterious or painful. The following eight tips will help with your child’s dental health. 

talking about mental health

How to Talk About Mental Health With Your Kids

Many parents think that addressing mental health can be uncomfortable or unnecessary — but 13% to 20% of children struggle with a mental health disorder in any given year, and the pandemic has only made mental health challenges more common in people of all ages. Whether you think your child is struggling with their mental health or not, it’s essential to address the topic when they’re still young. Learning how to teach your kids about mental health is a huge responsibility, but also an integral part of being a supportive parent.

fashion upgrades for moms

10 Easy and Affordable Fashion Upgrades for Moms

Motherhood can shift priorities in life because it takes a lot of time and energy. As you are committed to your baby and her needs, you forget how important your style is. New mums often forget about style before giving birth, and the first thing for them is to make the clothes they wear comfortable and simple. Yet mums agree on one thing, there is nothing better than being in fashion! When we are constantly balancing between family and business obligations, it happens that we put fashion in the background.

finances when you're expecting

How to Prepare Your Finances When You’re Expecting (Printables)

As a new and expecting mama’s, our number one priority is probably to keep our baby safe and healthy. What’s often overlooked as part of healthy infancy is financial planning to prepare for their lives and yours as things get flipped upside down. Luckily, whether you’re in your first trimester, or third, it’s easy to start preparations so you feel more comfortable bringing your little one into the world knowing you’ll be financially secure from month to month.