Sustainable Spaces: Cultivating Backyard Environments for All Ages

Many potential home buyers prioritize houses that have a nice backyard. That’s because there’s a lot of fun to be had in a green, plush, open space. If you have a nice-sized backyard but have yet to do much to make it a hospitable area for parties and time with the kids, now is the time.

Photo by Max Goncharov on Unsplash

You can update your outdoor space for all kinds of fun activities in many ways while also making it sustainable and friendly to the planet. Here are some tips to get you started.

Set up your yard in an eco-friendly way

If you’re ready to make significant changes in your yard, start by making things sustainable and eco-friendly. There are many ways to improve your lawn and countless benefits to doing so while considering the environment. For instance, instead of using harmful chemicals to remove weeds, you can lay out mulch and wood chips along edges and flower beds to reduce weeds. 

A plush and green yard is very attractive to homeowners and party guests, and you can achieve it with smart watering strategies. Instead of running the sprinklers in the middle of the day, water the yard earlier or later so the water can soak in the soil before evaporating in the hot sun. You’ll get that vibrant yard, eliminate water waste, and cut down your monthly bill. 

There are other amazing benefits to a well-maintained outdoor space. One of them is the chance to increase your property value. Once your kids move out of the house or you decide to move on, you could get a higher dollar amount since you have that great yard that so many people want. Of course, you’ll also create a space where more people want to spend time. In addition to having people over to your house, you and the kids can also spend quality time there, and that’s important.

Landscape designs to elevate parties

On top of watering the grass and planting flowers, there are other landscape strategies and designs you can incorporate to make entertaining guests easier and hosting parties more enjoyable. One way to allow guests to mingle and stretch their legs is to incorporate flexibility into the yard. While you should put out seating, toys, and games for kids and adults to enjoy, you don’t want to overly clutter the yard. Try to minimize the barriers in the yard by putting planters and planting gardens off to the side and allowing guests to see the entertainment areas from all angles so people feel more connected.

While you want the yard to be open, consider separating different entertainment spaces. For example, you can have an area with a firepit and chairs, an area for playing games, and an area for your garden where guests won’t walk. That way, people will know where to go and feel comfortable approaching each area.

When planning a get-together or hosting a kid-free dinner party, there are many tips to consider to make the outdoor event more enjoyable. One is to try sustainable decorating. Instead of going out to buy new decorations, upcycle what you have around the house. You can turn glass jars into vases, make tablecloths from your vintage fabrics, and more. Also, consider serving fresh fruit that is tasty, healthy, and perfect for a summer celebration.

In addition to making the yard festive, you also want to make it safe. Consider the sun during the summer months and try to provide shade. Pair your tables with umbrellas, or use this as a chance to install an awning that you can use throughout the year. Don’t forget to bring bug spray and sunscreen, and keep allergy medicine on hand in case a guest has a sudden episode.

Make a space your family can enjoy

While creating a sustainable space for parties and guests is a great idea, you should also create a space where you and your family can go outside, enjoy nature, and bond. A fire pit, hot tub, or pool are all great ways to gather in one space, talk, and enjoy each other’s company. If you don’t have the funds for a pool, then at least put out a table and stools or chairs and try having a meal outside occasionally. 

Speaking of meals, it’s also a fun idea to set aside a space to set up the BBQ grill. Create an area where you can prepare mouth-watering brisket, ribs, chicken, and more. Don’t forget the tasty beverages. When setting up a sustainable BBQ area, source your food locally. Get your meat at a farmer’s market instead of going to the major grocery store. Also, keep the lid on the grill as often as possible because it will help to retain the heat, so you don’t have to use as much energy. To avoid waste when you serve the food, use reusable plates and bowls instead of disposable options, even at larger gatherings.

You can also put fun and safe games outside, like a makeshift pickleball court or a place to throw the frisbee or make your putt-putt golf area. If you want to enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables at home, consider planting a garden as a family. Your whole clan will have a blast as you decide what to plant, water, and maintain the seeds and sprouts, and then pick your vegetables and enjoy them during your outdoor meals.ű


You can make many changes and tweaks to your backyard to make it a place where everyone wants to spend more time. Try strategies that make the space enjoyable while also helping the planet, and you’ll certainly be proud of your efforts.

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