What To Watch on TV: How To Find Inspiration

You’re not alone if you spend a good chunk of your time figuring out what to watch next on TV. Many people binge-watch a series just to realize that they have nothing to watch next. With so many choices and so many platforms to choose from, you’d think it would be easy to find something you automatically fall in love with but that’s very rarely the case.

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So, when you’re stuck for something to watch, where do you start looking? Take a look at where to find inspiration for your next bingeable TV series.

Family and friends

You may not all have the same taste in TV but if there’s a new series that everyone loves, you can guarantee everyone will be talking about it. It’s one of the best ways to find out about something you might enjoy. Ask family and friends what they are watching and make a mental note.

Most families use TV as a way to connect so they should have plenty of ideas. You can come home and search each program to see if it’s something you’d be interested in before giving it a go.

Don’t stick to your own country

Perhaps you’ve heard of something you’re interested in but you can’t view it because it’s outside your country. This isn’t necessarily true. If you change your IP address, you may be able to gain access to these shows online. 

Take a look at how to change my IP address online and it could open up a whole new world of new shows. Search for the right platforms to gain access to these shows as they are released.

Online forums

There are tons of dedicated online forums that discuss TV shows from every genre. For instance, there are forums dedicated to fantasy shows where like-minded people discuss the shows and share information about up-and-coming shows so no one misses out. Find your people and start a chat.

Think about the type of shows you enjoy most and search for online forums dedicated to them. It’s a great way to learn about existing shows and shows that are in the pipeline for the future.

Keep an eye on review sites

Review sites are ideal for getting an idea of the current top ten TV programs. They will show you how people are responding to them and whether they’re worth your time. Reviewers don’t usually hold back so you can rely on honest reviews.

You may find some shows have a mix of reviews which means the only way to find out if it’s worth watching is to give it a try. These review sites change regularly so you won’t miss any new releases.

Writers and directors

If you’re still racking your brain for something engaging to watch, think back to other series that you’ve enjoyed. Take note of the writers and directors so you know the names of people who produced work you’ve liked. You can take a look at whether these people have worked on different projects.

You may find that this is a great way to find series and movies that you enjoy. When you find a writer/director you click with, it’s easier to find shows you can be sure won’t waste your time.

Browse by genre

The great thing about using platforms like Netflix, Disney, Prime, and more is that they have already categorized everything for you. So, if you like documentaries, you know exactly where to find them. The same goes for TV shows.

Perhaps you enjoy watching comedies or you’ve recently started watching thrillers. Whatever you’re into right now, you can guarantee these platforms have a category for it. You can also search shows by searching an actor’s name or a director’s name.

Take a quiz

There’s a quiz for everything on the internet, including what to watch next. The quiz will take your likes and dislikes into account by asking you a series of questions. These are often multiple choice questions so don’t expect miracles from your results.

At the end of the quiz, you’ll be given a list of potential choices. These choices may include shows you’ve already seen but it could put you on the right track to finding something you’re happy with. If you’ve watched all of the series that you’re interested in, you may need to wait until something else comes along. Keep your ears open to make sure you don’t miss a word of new shows in the making.

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