Easy Home Improvement Ideas for a Fresh Interior Update

After living in the same house for a while, the interior can start to age or fall out of fashion. Homeowners who want to spruce up their interior can easily do it with just a few simple steps.

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For inspiration, read through the list below for some easy home improvement ideas for a fresh interior update.

Update hardware

The hardware in a home is often the first thing to look dated because trends change every decade or so. If you have just moved into a house that does not have updated hardware or the house that you have been living in for a long time still has the original hardware, it is probably time to make a change. Many homeowners start to update things in their houses but overlook that hardware, causing doors and cabinets to look a bit mismatched.

The most prevalent areas where hardware should be changed when updating the interior of a home are doorknobs, kitchen cabinets, and bathroom cabinets. The choice to go for matching hardware throughout the house is entirely up to you, but it is recommended that keeping the hardware the same in a room is the most aesthetically pleasing look. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your new hardware matches the new look of your interior.

Repaint every room

The difference a fresh coat of paint can make is amazing. If you have had the same color walls in your house since you moved in, it may be time to hire an interior painter to come in and transform all of your different rooms. You can talk with a professional painter about color schemes and then they can come in and make your walls look like a fresh piece of art. Many painting techniques are in style right now from different-toned ceilings and walls to every wall painted a different shade. Many people are also opting for white ceilings and dark-colored walls to make rooms look bigger than they are. 

To get into the interior update, you should pick a color scheme for each room to give it a personality of its own. An interior painter can work with you to help sort through ideas and they can get each room painted and looking fresh in no time.

Change light fixtures

The state of your light fixtures can reveal how long it has been since your last home update. If you still have original flight fixtures that the builders installed when they built your home, then it is likely that they no longer fit current trends. Changing light fixtures, especially entryway chandeliers and overhead kitchen lights, can completely transform a room. This is especially true if you are still using old-fashioned light bulbs. An updated light fixture with new models of lightbulbs will not only brighten the space but will also save you money on your energy bill. 

Another change in light fixtures is the color or type of metal used. If your house was built more than two or three decades ago, then it is likely that your old light fixtures are faded and the metal frames are not as illustrious as they once were. One inexpensive way to update your light fixtures is to paint them with a neutral matte paint color that makes them look more modern. If there is no saving them, then consider investing in a nice chandelier or versatile overhead lights in areas like the kitchen or dining room.

Get new flooring

The flooring in a home is the area that sees the most wear and tear and is often overlooked when updating a room. Changing the flooring in a room can completely transform the way you feel about it and can be a timely upgrade if you are transitioning from a home where you raised kids to a home for mature adults. One of the most common flooring changes that homeowners make is from carpet to hardwood or tile. Carpet is great for creating a cozy vibe in any room but it is the most difficult flooring to maintain. It loves to absorb stains and hold on to dirt and germs. Although it is nice to have when you have young kids, after years and years of absorbing spills it is time to rip it off.

Many homes in the latter decades of the 20th century were also built with carpeting installed in almost every room of the house, even the bathrooms in some cases. If you somehow have a house that has kept up that tradition, be the one to end it. Tile is the best option for rooms like bathrooms that often experience condensation while hardwood is great for hallways, living rooms, and dining rooms. If you think you will miss the feeling of carpet on your feet, try out big area rugs in places like the living room.   

Add new wall decoration

Some people wake up one day and realize that the decor in their homes is completely outdated. If that is how you feel, try taking down your current decor little by little and replacing it with new paintings and other art that makes you feel better. Many homeowners are moving from a maximalist look to a minimalist look, changing from busy wall space to one central statement piece. This is a great look for social spaces like the dining room and living room.   

Rearrange or buy new furniture

The last step to truly making your home feel brand new is to get rid of your old furniture and replace it with all-new pieces. This kind of change will make an impact on your daily home life, so make sure you get furniture that is stylish, but still comfortable and livable. If you have had the same furniture sets for years and they are starting to get worn down, this may be the most important change you can make in the home. Don’t only change the furniture in your living room but consider getting a new dining table and bedroom set as well. 

Home improvement is something all homeowners have to do at some point, so keeping in mind the little changes that you want to make will help you gradually transform your home’s interior. Keep these tips in mind and get updated.

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