How to Host the Ultimate Game Night For Friends and Family

If you’re the kind of person who loves activities and hanging out with the people closest to you, you may be interested in having incredibly fun game nights. However, as many people have experienced, these same game nights start to feel similar and blend with time if you’re not approaching it with the right kind of passion since the board games that are played are always one of a few main options.

old fashion monopoly board game

So keep reading if you want to avoid that to make the best game night ever. 

Search for new games

One of the best ways to spice up any game night is to first understand that most of the people you’ll invite will have played the same few popular games since there are a few board games and card games that are played all over the world. Instead, you can opt to find new games, especially ones that no one would have ever heard of before, to shake things up and introduce things like new rules and methods of winning. If you’re not sure where to look, don’t worry because websites like Kickstarter have allowed a lot of creative teams to fund their board games and distribute them.

Have a random game night

The key to making a great game night is to make as many things exciting as you can, and that extends to picking the game you’re going to be playing, too. While you should plan out the games you’ll be playing later, you should leave some time for experimentation and choose a completely random game. Your guests could vote by writing the names of certain games on pieces of paper and putting them in the raffle, and the simple act of selecting the game will then become exciting and fresh, too.

Create a theme

An ultimate game night shouldn’t end at just the games you’re going to be playing; it should encompass the surroundings and atmosphere, too, and the best way to go about that is to create a strong theme similar to one you’d find at a Halloween party and have your guests follow the theme and dress code. This theme could be related to the game you’re going to be playing or something that you think would be fun, and whatever your theme is, you should get custom game sets and accessories for those games, like custom poker chips that have been edited and designed to fit perfectly in the theme you’ve created.

Create special prizes

Special prizes are incredibly important if you want to host the ultimate game night for one particular reason: they add stakes, and stakes make every game more intense and involved. If you’re hosting a game night for your family, you shouldn’t make this prize something expensive, as anyone who doesn’t get their hands on the prize may feel left out and jealous. On the other hand, if you’re with friends, the prize you create is limited only by your imagination, and if you choose to put something truly special on the line that goes to the overall winner of the day, you’ll quickly find that your guests are more engaged than ever in the game you’re playing.

Mix things up

Lastly, a great game night has a lot of variety since even the most fun games get old after an hour or two, to avoid this, you can opt to create an itinerary for the day filled with games that play differently, and, crucially, ones that are played entirely differently. For example, if you’re opening the night with a board game, you should make sure you’re adding card games like poker or something more unique, as well as a more casual party game as the kind of experience charades provide. 


Game nights are incredible activities to have because the games you’ll be playing appeal to all ages and people of all types, which means different generations of a family can have fun playing together, and different friends can participate, too. Because this night is so important, it’s also important that you invest time and care into making it incredible, which is exactly what you’ll be able to do if you use the information in this article. 

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