5 Cool Activities to Do During a Snow Day with Your Pre-Teens

Immerse in the enchantment of winter with five thrilling activities crafted to transform a snowy day into an unforgettable adventure for your pre-teens. From creative snow sculpting to thrilling treasure hunts, these engaging pursuits are crafted to celebrate the wonders of the season.

a family enjoying a snow fall

Photo by Yan Krukau

Dive into DIY snow science experiments, explore a snowy extravaganza of games, and discover the tranquility of winter wildlife watching. These cool activities not only provide entertainment but also foster creativity, teamwork, and a deeper connection with the snowy world outside.

Snow sculpture showdown

Embrace the winter wonderland with a Snow Sculpture Showdown, an exciting activity for pre-teens. Armed with shovels and buckets, encourage them to unleash their creativity in the snow. Whether it’s crafting a whimsical snow creature or replicating famous landmarks, the possibilities are endless. This DIY challenge not only fosters artistic expression but also promotes teamwork as they collaborate on their icy masterpieces. The Snow Sculpture Showdown transforms your backyard into a snowy canvas, providing an entertaining outlet for imaginative minds to thrive. It’s a lighthearted competition that brings joy and a sense of accomplishment while making the most of a snowy day.

Frosty treasure hunt

Craft a list of clues that lead them through the winter landscape, creating an engaging scavenger hunt experience. Hide treasures strategically around your backyard or local park, sparking a sense of curiosity and exploration. As your pre-teens follow the clues, the joy of discovery unfolds amidst the snowy scenery. This outdoor escapade not only adds an element of mystery to the day but also fosters problem-solving skills and teamwork. The Frosty Treasure Hunt provides a fun and interactive way to turn a snowy day into a memorable quest for hidden surprises. This Frosty Treasure Hunt not only adds mystery and excitement to the day but also promotes teamwork and problem-solving skills, turning a snowy day into a memorable quest for hidden surprises.

Snow games extravaganza

From classic snowball fights to constructing intricate snow forts, the possibilities for winter fun are boundless. Engage your pre-teens in planning these activities, encouraging them to take the lead in organizing the snowy spectacle. Whether racing down snow-covered hills or engaging in friendly competitions, the Snow Games Extravaganza turns a cold day into an opportunity for exhilarating outdoor play. This spirited initiative not only promotes physical activity but also strengthens bonds within the family, creating lasting memories filled with laughter and shared adventures.

DIY snow science experiments

Engage in educational fun with DIY Snow Science Experiments, providing pre-teens an opportunity to explore the wonders of winter in a hands-on way. Using common household items and candle-making supplies, such as wax and wicks, you can create captivating experiments. Explore the insulating properties of snow by crafting a simple snow insulator using candle wax. Dive into colorful snow art by incorporating candle dyes into your icy creations. Additionally, unleash scientific curiosity by making snow volcanoes with baking soda and vinegar, adding an exciting eruption element to the learning experience. These experiments not only make use of household items but also turn a snow day into a fascinating exploration of science in a winter wonderland.

Winter wildlife watching

Set up a cozy spot near a window equipped with binoculars and guidebooks to observe the enchanting wildlife that thrives in the snowy surroundings. Encourage your pre-teens to document their observations in a winter wildlife journal, noting the various birds and animals they encounter. This activity not only fosters a connection with nature but also provides a unique opportunity to learn about the behaviors and adaptations of wildlife during the winter season. It’s a calm and insightful way to appreciate the beauty of the natural world while enjoying the comfort of your home on a snowy day.


From the creative outlet of the Snow Sculpture Showdown to the thrill of the Frosty Treasure Hunt, each activity is designed to engage, entertain, and create lasting family memories. The Snow Games Extravaganza offers a lively outdoor adventure, while the DIY Snow Science Experiments add an educational twist to the snowy day. Lastly, Winter Wildlife Watching provides a serene and insightful way to appreciate nature’s beauty from the comfort of your home. So, the next time the snow falls, dive into these activities to make the most of the winter wonderland with your pre-teens.

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