Mommy Self-Care: It’s Different To What It Was Before But Even More Essential

Ah, self-care. Remember those pre-kid days when it was as simple as a spontaneous weekend getaway or a quiet evening with a book?

person holding book near brown wooden table

Photo by Taryn Elliott

Well, get yourself ready, because the journey of mommy self-care is a whole different rollercoaster – one that often seems like it’s missing a few critical parts, like time and privacy.

The evolution of ‘me time’

Gone are the days when ‘me time’ meant leisurely brunches and solo shopping sprees. Now, it’s about finding precious moments between diaper changes and school runs. It’s about cherishing that rare, lukewarm cup of coffee while hiding in the bathroom, just for an extra minute of solitude. The standards have indeed shifted, but the essence remains the same – taking care of you.

The art of multitasking self care

Multitasking isn’t just a skill; it’s a survival tactic. Picture this: you’re reading a bedtime story with one hand, while stealthily painting your toenails with the other. It’s about seizing those tiny windows of opportunity. Perhaps while the little one naps, instead of rushing to do laundry or clean the house, you opt for a face mask or a little light reading about hair and skin health as a new mom. This article – Hair Porosity: A Guide to Low, Medium, and High Porosity – will allow you to understand the best ways to care for your specific type of hair while trying to sneak in a little self-care whenever you have the chance.

The sneaky workout

Exercise? That now looks like squatting to pick up toys (which, let’s face it, is a full-body workout) or racing against a toddler who’s oddly fast for someone with such tiny legs. Joining a gym seems like a distant dream, but hey, who needs a treadmill when you have a hallway that doubles as a sprint track during a game of catch?

Culinary self-care

Remember those elaborate meals you used to cook? Now, self-care in the kitchen means hiding the good snacks from the kids or savoring that secret stash of chocolate you’ve expertly concealed. It’s about finding joy in the little victories, like successfully sneaking veggies into a meal without a tiny food critic noticing.

The digital detox… sort of

In a world where screen time is often the only breather you get, the idea of a digital detox might seem laughable. But here’s a twist: it’s not about cutting out digital entirely; it’s about choosing content that uplifts you. Swap some of that endless scrolling for a podcast that makes you laugh or a video tutorial on something you’ve always wanted to learn.

Socializing: the new format

Long, uninterrupted chats with friends are rare, so now you adapt. Conversations are often a symphony of background noises, from kids playing to the ever-present hum of household chaos. But these snippets of socializing, whether via text, a quick call while out for a walk, or a playdate that’s more for you than the kids, are golden. You need to prioritize your need for social interaction just as much as you do for your kids. 

The joy of learning to say no

Once upon a time, saying yes to every invite or request seemed doable. Now, self-care often means learning the power of ‘no’. It’s about setting boundaries and understanding that it’s okay to prioritize your needs. Saying no to others can sometimes mean saying yes to yourself. These boundaries are also important with your family; sometimes, you need to say no to staying home with the kids all day while your other half gets out and about and instead, let yourself go out while they stay home with the little ones. It’s all about balance. 

The small luxuries

Perhaps the most significant shift in self-care is appreciating the small things. It’s about finding a little luxury in everyday moments. Whether it’s a new body lotion that makes you feel pampered, five minutes with your favorite book, or simply sitting in silence (a rarity, indeed) enjoying a hot cup of tea, these moments are precious.

Embracing imperfection

Finally, self-care is about embracing the chaos and imperfection that comes with motherhood. It’s about understanding that it’s okay if not everything is ticked off the to-do list or if the house doesn’t look like a page from a home decor magazine. It’s about being gentle with yourself and recognizing that doing your best is more than enough.

In the end, self-care as a mom might look different, but it’s more essential than ever. It’s the fuel that keeps you going, the quiet amidst the storm, and the gentle reminder that taking care of yourself isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity. So here’s to finding those moments, however brief they may be, and cherishing them – because you, wonderful you, deserve it.

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