Vietnam Uncovered: Family Adventures in History, Flavors, and Landscapes

Vietnam is a beautiful travel destination, which is famous for its culture, beaches, and delicious food. This is a beautiful country which is also a perfect family holiday destination. Vietnam offers various attractions that will keep the whole family entertained. This place has something for people of every age group.

a group of people riding on top of a boat on a river

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If you are planning to spend your next holiday in Vietnam with your kids then you should follow the list given below to make your trip a memorable one. Vietnam tour packages offer you amazing and create unforgettable memories of your traveling journey.

Ride through the backstreets of Hanoi on a cyclo rickshaw             

Take a tour to Hanoi’s old town by cyclo rickshaw which is undoubtedly the best way to explore this place. You can sit back and relax while having the most wonderful sights and sounds of Hanoi’s old town. Then you can stop by to stock up on delicious freshly made donuts and for colorful souvenirs.

Boat ride at Ninh Binh 

Boat tours from here are very famous because it is the main tourist area. If you are traveling with less time then this is best for you because of the shorter routes. A boat ride in Ninh Binh through a cave system is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The journey through a long dark cave is spectacular and the kids will love it surely. This place offers the most sublime karst scenery in Vietnam. 

Cu Chi tunnels 

A visit to Cu Chi Tunnel can be the best tour highlight of your trip with kids. Searching the forest floor for finding the entrance of the tunnel is one of the most enjoyable activities to do which is an almost completely impossible task to do. Kids will also love climbing on the old tank and heading down to the tunnel. In ancient times the tunnels were used as hiding spots by Viet Cong soldiers during combat, they were also used as communication and supply routes for weapons, food, and all other required supplies for North Vietnamese fighters.

Home-cooking and bike ride through Hanoi’s backstreet 

For a break from the hustle and bustle of the streets of central Hanoi, head towards the Red River district, one of the few parts of Hanoi that escaped the bombing during the war of Vietnam. There you will get to see Buddhist temples and traditional courtyard houses on the streets. 

Then from there take a bike ride passing through small villages and paddy fields.

Explore parts of Halong Bay

Explore the more isolated area of Halong Bay with kids, here you can explore remote caves, paddle in emerald water, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. In Halong Bay you can see the world’s renowned Karst limestone scenery but we can’t deny the fact that this place is crowded during the peak time such as a school holiday. To avoid this crowd we advise you to head toward Bay Long Tu Bay. This offers an eye-catching view but without the crowd.

Homestay in Pu Luong 

In northern Vietnam, you will stay with a friendly local family in the village, where you’ll learn about the local hill tribe life which is a highlight of the trip for many families. The lifestyle of the people living there has remained unchanged for centuries. There you can enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal while chatting with the host. The meal is prepared on an open fire in the traditional way. The village is surrounded by beautiful landscapes.

Crabbing and basketboat ride in Hoi An

Hoi An is one the prettiest towns in Vietnam, the streets of Hoi An offer a charming mix of wooden shop fronts and bustling markets. Here you can take a basketboat ride and after that go at a Vietnamese-style crabbing, trying to catch hidden purple crabs that move quickly around the bamboo steam. This place is also famous for its beautiful beaches, there you can enjoy a peaceful evening after spending a whole adventurous morning’s activity.

Ziplining in Nha-Ke Bang National Park 

This national park is a UNESCO World Heritage site, this is famous for its incredibly wonderful scenery. Here you will see the oldest karst mountains together. This area has an endless scope of activities which can be an exciting experience for families. You can take boat rides and also jump into deep water pools there for the best experience. For kids, zip-lining is the best adventurous activity there in a dark cave.

A boat trip along with family 

Take a boat ride with the kids along the river to the imperial palace where kids will get to learn about ancient history and emperors. If you are interested in learning about the Vietnam War then you will be keen to learn about the more recent history of Hue. you can spend hours here learning about history.

Bike riding in the Mekong Delta 

Enjoy bike riding with your family with countryside views along the way. Here you will find various small islands, which are best explored by sampan and bike. You can spend your holiday slowly cruising through canals and then enjoying a delicious dinner. 

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