7 Ways to Kickstart Your Day

How you start your day often determines what that day will feel like. If your morning is hectic and all over the place, you may not be able to regain equilibrium and enjoy your day later on.

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Here are seven great ways to kickstart your day that you can make a part of your daily routines:

Start your day the night before 

The best morning habit is actually an evening one. If you devote as little as 30 minutes to setting up the next day before going to bed, you can have a much more stress-free start to your day. 

Choose what you are going to wear and iron it. Choose any makeup or accessories, too, and place them where you will want to use them. Prepare yourself breakfast in advance if you’re usually in a rush when you get up. 

Go to bed early enough to get at least seven hours of sleep. Don’t look at any screens an hour before bed. 

Drink a glass of water

Having a glass of water as soon as you wake up is very good for your body and mind. It will rehydrate you after eight-ish hours of sleep. It will kickstart your metabolism and help you get rid of any toxins still in your body. 

A glass of water in the morning will also wake you up faster and help you become more alert faster. It’s especially important to have one before you drink your morning coffee. 

Eat a nutritious breakfast 

Having a delicious, healthy breakfast will give you the energy you need to start your day off right. 

What this means for you will depend on your preferences and current health. In the most general terms, the best breakfasts consist of healthy fats, protein, and complex carbs. Try not to eat any simple carbs, as they will cause a blood sugar spike that can drop quite suddenly, leading to a mid-morning energy crash. 

Choose a breakfast you actually enjoy. Don’t force yourself to eat eggs if you don’t like them. There are so many breakfast options available you can certainly find something you truly love. 

Stay away from your phone

One of the best things you can do in the morning is leave your phone alone. You don’t need to read the news as soon as you wake up. You don’t need to check your emails and messages. Whatever has happened on social media will still be there later. 

When you overwhelm your brain with lots of information in the morning while you’re still not quite awake, you are setting yourself up for overthinking, anxiety, and stress. 

Instead, only look at your phone when you are actually starting your day — at least an hour after you get out of bed. 

Immerse yourself in cold

Right after you wake up, take a cold plunge or a cold shower. It will do wonders for your immune system and metabolism, too, and make you much more resilient and energized. 

You can introduce this habit slowly, especially if you are currently a fan of taking hot showers. You are not supposed to feel comfortable while doing a cold plunge or showering in cold water. The discomfort is, however, what’s so good for you. 

Move your body 

Another great morning habit to have is movement. It will help you wake up, help you burn some calories, and provide all the benefits of exercise

If you don’t like to work out in the morning, you don’t have to. You can take a walk around the block. You can do a bit of a dance party while you are getting ready for the day. You can do some 15-minute yoga, pilates, or stretching. 

Have a moment of peace 

Finally, make sure you have a moment of absolute peace and quiet in the morning. This may be a challenge if the kids and your partner are also up already, but try to organize your mornings so that you can have 10 minutes on your own. 

You can use this time to meditate or journal. Keeping a gratitude journal in the morning is a great way to start the day with positive thoughts. 

You can also just have your tea or coffee while looking out the window and letting your mind wander. 

This short period of stillness and slowness will anchor you and ensure you don’t go from complete stillness, aka sleep, to a mad rush that will quickly raise your stress and anxiety levels. 

Wrapping up 

Are any of these routines already a part of your mornings? If not, try implementing them one by one. You don’t need to change all of your habits at the same time. Give yourself time to adopt a new habit, and enjoy your mornings more and more.

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