The Best Dermatological Procedures after 40s to Look Younger

Imagine this scenario – you are a very happy woman in your forties. You have the self-confidence you’ve reached with wisdom and age. You no longer tolerate anything but the great in life. Whether it’s a job, a friend, a man, or anything that does not bring you joy – you’re not afraid to lose anything that doesn’t serve your happiness.

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But one thing probably bothers you sometimes – the first signs of ageing. Your forehead may get a bit creased, or you have deeper smile lines around your eyes and mouth. You’re probably wondering if there’s a way to slow down these first signs of ageing and be more gentle with your reflection in the mirror. Self-care is when you look at yourself, and instead of frowning at your appearance, you smile with joy. The following procedures are just the ones you need to be more gentle with yourself and achieve a youthful and radiant look in your 40s.

Botox and dermal fillers are always a good option

Botox is a pain-free anti-ageing treatment that will slow down the deepening of your frown lines. When you get Botox injected, your facial muscles will freeze so you won’t have those frown lines. If you worry that your face will look like a mask, don’t worry, it won’t. You’ll still have movement, but the lines won’t deepen further. You should repeat a botox treatment every three to six months.
Dermal fillers go hand in hand with botox because they give a youthful appearance to anyone who started losing their youthful glow. When dermal fillers are placed strategically, you’re face will look plumper, less tired, youthful and radiant. They usually last from ten months to one year.
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Chemical peel

A chemical peel is ideal for anyone who wants to improve skin texture. It’s also known to stimulate collagen by promoting new skin growth. Your skin will look radiant and evenly toned, with a softer texture and better appearance overall. There are different types of chemical peel, some are more harsh so these will require longer downtime, especially if you experience peeling of the old layer of the skin. 

Let’s not forget the obvious – seeking professional guidance

Women are bombarded with ads all over social media, online, and whenever they decide to browse a woman’s magazine. It’s not a surprise they might feel super-conscious of their appearance. The pressure to stay fit, healthy, young and happy is everywhere. 

So, consult a professional if you could use an antiaging treatment or two. Contact an educated and skilled dermatologist who knows what your skin needs. Only professionally trained, licenced and educated should be given the trust to deal with your skin. 


Another procedure which promotes collagen and stimulates its growth is a microneedling treatment. A device with tiny needles is used to treat the skin during this treatment. These motions create controlled micro-injuries in the skin, producing collagen. After this treatment, you can expect a reduction in pore sizes, improved skin textures and better skin tone.

Laser treatments

Laser treatments are a recommended dermatological procedure for women over forty as they can promote a youthful appearance. There’s a variety of laser treatments, from laser peels, and laser tightening treatments to laser resurfacing. You can address sun damage, pigmentation, and skin issues like loose skin, and enlarged pores and even remove unwanted hair with laser treatments. Lasers also stimulate collagen; depending on the laser strength, there will be some downtime afterwards.

Thread lifts

The recommended treatment is a thread lift if you are in the market for a non-surgical facelift. Thread lifts offer a non-surgical facelift by fitting through special needle dissolvable threads under the skin to lift and tighten sagging areas. They provide immediate results with minimal discomfort and downtime, making them an excellent option for a rejuvenated appearance.


If you are not afraid of the needles, you don’t mind having your blood drawn for beauty. PRP is the next one on the list of recommendations. PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma treatment, and it’s meant to stimulate collagen and elastin production. It’s beneficial for improving skin tone, texture, and overall radiance. It’s often combined with other treatments, such as hyaluronic acid or mesotherapy.

Regular skincare routine

Even if you spend all your money on the aforementioned treatments, it will all be in vain if you don’t treat your skin well. Regular skincare is a must at any age, especially when you start to see the first signs of ageing. 

The key to having radiant-looking and youthful skin in your forties is to feed your skin with adequate skin care. You cannot turn back the clock, but you can maintain a youthful appearance. Include products with ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants. Most importantly, use the ingredients that are good for your skin type and age.

Lastly, just like skincare is essential, so is SPF. Sun protection will prevent premature ageing, so slather that SPF 50 every day. Combine this practice with the treatments from our list; you will love what you see whenever you look in the mirror. 

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