Celebrating Health and Wellness Milestones as a Family

Celebrating important milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries is common and popular worldwide. They should be marked to represent growth and continuity, threads in a person’s life. However, there are other milestones we should celebrate as well. Even though they are seemingly minor, they are an integral part of our lives, and we should celebrate if we achieve them. Keep reading to learn more about family celebrating health and wellness milestones.

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The first health milestone we will mention as one of the most important is regular exercise. Second place is a healthy and well-balanced diet, followed by screen time limits and quality sleep. The environment that should also be celebrated is supportive – it is the best environment that enables kids to thrive. Another thing for parents to remember is that they should promote consistency over perfection. All the achievements, even the smallest ones, should be celebrated. Finally, there are so many healthy activities for families to enjoy, consider which ones are suitable for you. 

Regular exercise



Regular exercise and an active lifestyle should be more appreciated. We should always find time to be physically active. We as parents should promote such lifestyle and physical activity. It can be something you do together and enjoy. You should encourage the whole family to participate. It can be something different every time. Sometimes you can go for a walk in nature, for a bike ride and sometimes for a swim. You can even play badminton or go bowling. It should be inclusive, diverse and amusing for all family members to be willing to participate and enjoy. Besides the physical activities, you can also book a session of infrared sauna or massages as they also promote physical and mental health.

Healthy and well-balanced diet



For health and general well-being, a healthy and well-balanced diet is crucial. Involve the whole family in the process. Even the kids can help out with meal planning and preparation. This is an ideal way to teach your kids about healthy groceries and ways of preparing meals. A wholesome diet consists of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, dairy products, fish, and meat. You can have a weekly plan of meals you’d like to prepare. Everybody can participate: kids can do simple things such as washing vegetables, chopping, decorating, and arranging. Kids are more likely to enjoy this kind of lifestyle when they are actively involved in decision-making.

Screen time limits



When it comes to spending time on gadgets such as computers, tablets and phones, it should be limited. If children spend too much time in the virtual world, it can have detrimental effects on their psyche. As kids don’t know what is too much time spent online, you should be the one setting reasonable boundaries. What helps is creating screen time rules for the whole family and setting screen-free zones. You should also follow the rules regarding screen use. It doesn’t mean that you should forbid using screens and TV altogether, as that will deprive kids of many benefits technology brings us. Instead, you should try to strike a gold balance.

Quality sleep



We all know how important sleep is. When we sleep, we regenerate and recharge. The cells that get damaged during the day get repaired. Create optimal sleep conditions for your family to ensure quality sleep. What does this encompass? Well, it means the bedrooms should be quiet, with no outside noise. Also, you should be able to darken the rooms to ensure enough deep sleep. The bed, pillows, and bedding should be quality and comfortable. The bedroom should promote a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. You can even make it fun by adding a sparkle of competition by measuring the deep sleep of every family member with a smart band!

Supportive environment



An underrated milestone is, indeed, raising kids in a supportive environment. Fostering a healthy environment that encourages healthy habits we have mentioned so far is easier said than done. Parents need to be conscious about it and be aware of what a supportive environment encompasses. Growing up in this kind of environment results in children with strong personalities. It is an ideal environment that brings up children who know what they want and who become successful in life whatever they decide to do. Remember to give your children love and attention daily and be involved in their lives – that is the only way to be present and focused on them and what’s best for them. 

Consistency instead of perfection



Some parents make a mistake by pushing their children too hard to be something they don’t want to be. Often, parents want their children to do what they want when they are wrong. This is a wrong approach. By forcing perfection, parents can potentially damage their children for life. A better approach than seeking perfection is promoting consistency. Not everyone is a perfectionist – it is not vital. What is vital is being consistent in whatever you are doing. You should show this by your example. 

Celebrating achievements



To boost your family’s overall wellness and happiness, what you can do is celebrate all the achievements, especially your kids. Praising and celebrating kids and their achievements positively affects their self-esteem and confidence. You can celebrate all the milestones related to health and fitness. How to do that? For instance, you can celebrate your kid’s involvement in a competition with a delicious and healthy raw cake. You can also celebrate other achievements such as completing all meals, trying out a new vegetable, achieving a fitness goal and so on – the choice is really up to you.

Enjoying healthy activities together as a family



You can do a wide variety of activities together as a family. Besides participating in sports and physical activities and cooking together, you can also travel, go camping, eat together as a family and find time to connect genuinely.

As life goes by quickly, sometimes we forget about the things that truly matter. Stop for a moment, consider your life, make necessary changes, and enjoy.

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