A Parent’s Guide to Choosing The Perfect Car Seat

How to choose the perfect car seat?

one year old baby sitting in his car safety seat

Photo by Alexander Grey on Unsplash

There are thousands of baby car seats on the market, and as parents, we want the best car seats available — seats that provide safety and comfort for your little one while reducing travel turbulence at the same time.

Here, we provide a simple but no-nonsense guide to buying the perfect car seat for your child, including features to consider before making the final purchase. Read more below and get the car seat your little one deserves. 

Opt for features over aesthetics

When choosing a toddler or newborn car seat, it’s natural to want a cute and colourful design — after all, your adorable baby deserves all the sweetest things in the world. However, the cutest car seat isn’t always the best for your child. 

Manufacturers often prioritise looks over functionality, so it’s important to look at the functions and features of your baby’s car seat before aesthetics. 

Check on a product’s seating material and quality, ensure your baby fits nicely and comfortably without sacrificing durability, and look for extra helpful features like locks and latches. Seeing your baby sleeping soundly in the back of your car is more critical than designs and colours that may fade with time.

Make sure the warranty is clear

Like most baby and child-proof products and furniture, your baby’s car seat is an investment. With proper care, your car seat could last years and serve the same purpose with the same quality experience. 

With this in mind, it’s crucial to check its warranty or other product agreements. 

In case of accidents and unintended damages, you should have the warranty ready and see if you can easily replace the product and double-check its structure before using it. When choosing a car seat, make sure it clearly describes rules and terms so you know what to do when accidents happen.

Consider covertible seats

We strongly suggest considering convertible seats as they offer more options for seating children of different ages.

Ideally, you want a long-lasting product that can be used repeatedly. Convertible car seats are perfect as they can be adjusted to fit specific sizes, from newborns to infants and even toddlers. 

Travel type car seats

Travel-type car seats are suitable for those who want to bring their little ones on walks and short car trips (when they’re ready to sit up comfortably and independently). 

You can quickly take your baby out of the car and carry it like a basket by opting out of fixed latches. Other more expensive variants offer a stroller frame with wheels you can push around and fold inside the car, making it a two-for-one product. 

If this helps you manage your activities, opt for a carry-on car seat, provided you get a proper brand for quality material and durability.

Get proper measurements

When shopping for car seats, remember that most brands and car seats are not measured the same. With a large market for car seats, measurements in depth, length, and curvature may vary. 

A good tip is to get an ample measurement of your baby’s and car seat’s measurements. Then, you can use that as a reference while shopping. To protect and support your baby’s posture, avoid steep or deep curvatures. 

Take your time

After considering the bells and whistles of your baby’s first car seat, it’s time to go shopping and compare different brands. At this point, it would be best to research and consider everything you can see. 

Whether you’re a first-time parent or stocking up on accessories for another new family member, shopping for your baby is always a fun experience. Taking your time is worth it.

Final thoughts

As mentioned, baby car seats are an investment, just like any baby furniture, and you can pass them through to other relatives or even sell them secondhand. However, your first car seat has to be a balanced combination of comfort, convenience, accessibility, and affordability.

Overall, your lifestyle, needs, and priorities affect the final purchase. But these tips can guide you through what’s important and, eventually, help you find a proper car seat for your little one on your travels. 

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