How to Get Your Kids Outside This Summer

How to get your kids outside this summer?

kids doing activity on green grass field

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Getting kids outside provides both physical and mental health benefits. Spending time in nature encourages creativity, reduces stress, and increases happiness and well-being. So, try new outdoor activities with your children this summer to boost their development and limit screen time. Some ways to get your kids outside include nature walks, outdoor games, gardening, fishing, camping, hiking, and water activities.

Nature walks and games

Nature walks are simple, low-cost adventures perfect for kids. Visit national parks that offer scenic, kid-friendly trails. Bring a nature journal for leaf or rock collecting. Play scavenger hunt games to keep kids engaged, and pack essentials like comfortable shoes, bug spray, snacks, and a first aid kit. 

Outdoor games provide entertainment and exercise for kids and families. Classic games include hopscotch, tag, Frisbee golf, cornhole, or ladder ball. Set up an obstacle course or play parachute games with a large group. Provide items for games like water balloons, hula hoops, balls, bubbles, and jump ropes. Establish safety rules before playing.


Gardening teaches kids valuable skills while spending time outside. Have your kids help plant and maintain easy plants like sunflowers, tomatoes, peppers, or strawberries. Show how to water, weed, and compost. 

Do fun projects like making birdfeeders or painted plant stakes. Provide kid-friendly tools, gloves, and garden clogs for safety. It may not be evident immediately, but gardening will teach your kids about responsibility and develop patience when waiting for your plants to bear some fruits, finally. 


Fishing creates lifelong memories for kids. Get fishing licenses and supplies like rods, reels, bait, and tackle boxes. Check regulations for catch limits in your region. Depending on fish life engagement levels there, limits could vary. Head to spots with kid-friendly fish like trout, bass, or catfish. Set a timer to keep kids engaged before they get bored. Provide snacks, drinks, sun protection, and bug spray for a full day out.

Camping and hiking 

Camping allows for quality time outside with family over an extended period. Look for campsites with amenities for children, like playgrounds or pools. Bring essential gear, including a tent, sleeping bags, lanterns, camp chairs, food, and activities. Teach kids to start a fire safely and cook classic camp meals like s’mores, hot dogs, or foil packet dinners. 

Hiking offers exercise and adventures for kids in nature. Seek out easy, well-marked trails at your kids’ level. And don’t forget to pack essentials such as sturdy shoes, a backpack, maps, water, snacks, and a rain jacket. Bring scavenger hunt lists, nature guides, and binoculars for wildlife viewing. Follow the trail and teach kids hiking safety, like staying on marked paths.

Water activities

Water activities provide recreation and relief from the summer heat for kids. Supervise kids always at lakes, oceans, pools, or splash pads. Have kids wear life jackets, especially if swimming in open water. Pack towels, sandals, beach toys, sunscreen, and goggles. Teach basic water safety, like never running near pools or paddling out too far at a beach.

For even more adventure, you and your kids can go white water rafting. There are some rivers near New River Gorge National Park in West Virginia that offer family-friendly white water rafting. Ensure that your kids understand and follow all instructions from guides in order to stay safe while navigating rapids. This thrill ride will create unforgettable memories!


Getting your kids outside and enjoying nature together has life-long benefits. This summer, take time to unplug from technology by going on adventures in the great outdoors. With several activities to try, you’ll have ample opportunities to bond with your kids over new experiences in natural settings.

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