Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Your Home Improvement Projects

How to get your kids involved in your home improvement projects?

mother and son paiting the wall

Photo by Ivan Samkov

Whether you’re trying to boost the value of your home or just make it look better than ever, investing time and energy into different home improvement projects is always a great idea. 

However, instead of choosing just any random project and wasting a ton of money on hiring various contractors and designers, you might go in another direction and find a couple of ideas you can do on your own with the help of your kids. 

This is an excellent way for them to learn a few practical things and gain some valuable skills, but also get a chance to spend more quality time with their parents, which makes this a win-win idea for all families out there. 

In case you’d like to get your kids involved in your home improvement projects too, here are a few ways to make that happen.

Pick suitable projects

When talking about home renovating projects you can tackle with your kids, most parents need help figuring out exactly which projects they can take into consideration in the first place. 

Since most of these ideas are dangerous and not suitable for your young ones, you need to spend some time choosing the projects you can tackle and finding ones that are safe and simple.

First, you can ask your kids to help you repaint your walls or freshen up your old furniture with a new coat of paint. Just give them a brush and a bucket of paint, and teach them how to paint in the safest way possible. 

Also, encourage them to help you declutter your home by organizing their toys, books, and clothes. They probably won’t be able to make it all look tidy and neat, but they might be able to help you more than you’ve anticipated, especially if you’re trying to spice up their bedroom without spending too much money.

Be outside as much as possible

While kids love hanging around the house in the middle of your home improvement project, most of them still prefer being in the open instead. That’s why opting for outdoor projects is a cool idea to get your kids involved and still make something happen in front of your home and around it. 

For instance, you can install personalized parcel boxes and encourage your kids to make them look more colorful – this way, your fence will look more appealing than before, and your loved ones will tell the entire neighborhood that they’re the ones responsible for it. 

You can also teach them how to take care of the lawn and the bushes and even give them some money to keep doing that again and again every week. This will teach them the value of money and how important it is to work hard and stay motivated, and that’s something all parents want.

Don’t be a helicopter parent

This is another huge problem lots of parents have when it comes to being creative or handy with their children – they don’t trust them enough to let them be themselves! If you’re repainting your home and encouraging your kids to help you, you can’t expect them not to mess everything around them and end up with more paint on their clothes than the walls. 

This is normal when you’re working with kids, but if you boss them around too much and tell them what they can and can’t do all the time, you’re going to ruin their fun and jeopardize the entire project by being a helicopter parent. So, let them be messy and dirty – as long as they don’t hurt themselves, you can always clean them and start all over again when they go to bed. In the end, they’ll be thrilled to help you, and they’re going to value the new coat of paint more than you can imagine because they were the ones who made it all happen!

Wrapping up

Getting your kids involved in your home improvement projects isn’t as hard as it sounds – you just need to find suitable projects and stay patient until you’re done. And if you manage to do that, your children will fall in love with this DIY process, and they’ll ask you to start new projects before you know it!

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