4 Ways to Organize Your Backyard for Fun All Summer

How to organize your backyard for fun all summer?

young girls playing with water guns in the backyard

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Over the past couple of years, having a backyard has become a major priority for many people. 

According to a survey conducted in August 2020, the pandemic has caused 32% of British home buyers to prioritize having a garden. And while other perks — like having a home office space and being near nature — also ranked high on people’s list of property must-haves, it’s safe to say that having your own outdoor space to love and enjoy genuinely does have the potential of significantly improving your life quality.

But, with summer coming up, you might wonder: how do I get more out of the outdoor spaces in my home?

The following tips include some of the best ways to organize your backyard for all-summer fun. Let’s get into them.

Create a space for cooling down on hot summer days

One of the biggest benefits of having an outdoor space during the summer is that it can make it so easy to cool down during the persistently uncomfortable summer heat.

And although, for most people, this instantly evokes the idea of installing a pool (which can be done for a relatively affordable amount of money if you opt for an inflatable pool), there are alternative ways to make your garden a cool space.

Firstly, with some gardening and planning, you can ensure plenty of natural shade to make the scorching temperatures bearable in the middle of July and August. Secondly, something as uncomplicated as a few water guns, a bucket of water balloons, or even just your regular old sprinkler can provide your kids with hours upon hours of outdoor, active fun they’ll want to repeat all summer long.

Provide your children with a safe play area

Pools and watersports, though exceedingly fun, aren’t the best option for most parents. After all, nothing spells disaster as clearly as an unsupervised splash session. 

If your family needs a safer option for having fun in the backyard this summer, it’s best to consider the alternative activities your kids can enjoy during summer break. Fortunately, there’s plenty of fun stuff children can do outside.

For instance, a shaded sandbox can be a fun space to nurture a kid’s creativity while helping them enhance their fine motor skills. Similarly, a treehouse for older children can be the encouragement they need to step away from the Xbox and do something active instead. Finally, a DIY tent in the backyard could become your kids’ next summer favorite, as it’s the perfect place to play make-believe, read a fun children’s book, or even do some backyard camping for a sense of adventure.

Consider the yard as an entertaining space

The one thing you should keep in mind while exploring ideas to organize your backyard this year is that it shouldn’t only be reserved as a space for your kids.

Sure, the opportunity for your children to be outside, in the fresh air and natural light (which is super-important for their health), is one of the biggest bonuses of having a garden. But parents should get to enjoy the backyard as well.

With this in mind, you might wish to consider ways to organize your backyard as an entertaining space where you can have guests over. 

Are you big on barbecuing? That’s a great weekend activity. Plus, good food is guaranteed to bring you closer to your friends or extended family. Or maybe you and your friends enjoy a glass of fine wine on a relaxing Friday afternoon. Well, why not do it around a fire pit or under a shade-providing pergola?

Even something as simple as having a flower garden or a vegetable patch in your backyard could provide you with the stress-relieving and health-boosting benefits you seek.

Bring the inside outside

Finally, does your family prefer to hole up inside? Do you want to discover new ways to encourage outdoor fun? If that’s the case, you can organize your backyard in a way that brings indoor entertainment into nature.

Setting up a movie screen and a projector is now easier (and cheaper) than ever. Pair the gadgets with some comfy cushions, a bowl of popcorn, and drinks with a few scoops of fancy ice cubes, and you’ve got yourself the perfect summer evening.

Or, perhaps you want something a bit more upbeat and bonding than watching a summer flick? Why not create a summer dancefloor with a pair of portable speakers and a DIY disco ball? You could even recreate a bowling alley with a bunch of old PET bottles and an old tennis ball.

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to organize your backyard in a way that will provide your family with all summer-long fun. And the best part is that it doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Yet, the benefits are clear. They include improved physical and mental well-being, lots of learning opportunities for the little ones, and the potential for a memorable summer of bonding, playing, and enjoying each other’s company in a beautiful setting.

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