7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for a Technophile Dad

7 father’s day gift ideas for a technophile dad.

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It’s Father’s Day — your dad or spouse is always discussing the next big tech trend. There is a gift for every dad, regardless of hobby or technical skill level. Tech gifts can appeal to hobbies or focus on quality of life improvements — there’s plenty of variety. You may not know anything about what’s new or understand the jargon, so these gifts will please even the most technophile father. 

Nest cam wire-free security camera

A dad’s top priority might be protecting their family instead of getting something new and shiny for themselves. The Nest Cam has no wires and is an indoor and outdoor security system. For fathers obsessed with developing an automated smart home, Nest seamlessly integrates with the Google Home hub to present live HD video that users can save and rewatch if necessary — and even sync it to the cloud or watch up to an hour of recordings if the power or Wifi goes out.

The Nest system helps families level up their security setup with the industry’s top features like presence scanning for familiar faces, and it can send notifications immediately if it detects suspicious activity — no matter the lighting. You can open the app and talk to individuals — or even your pets — in the home through the system and listen if necessary.

Two cameras retail for $329 with an optional subscription for additional features.

Dremel 8220 Multitool

Everyone knows at least one dad out there that’s handy. They’re tactile, productive people that look in every corner for something to fix. That’s where the Dremel 8220 Multitool rotary device comes in. It’s cordless, so it will never hinder whatever project dad works on. It’s compatible with all other Dremel attachments, from collets to sanders, so it keeps previous Father’s Day gifts relevant. 

It improves on previous renditions of Dremel rotary tools with a longer battery life and a wide range of speeds, from 5,000 to 35,000 rotations per minute. 

It costs $99 with 30 accessories and a carrying case.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom OLED Switch

If the father in your life is a gamer, then the new limited edition Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom seven-inch OLED Nintendo Switch will provide countless hours of high-quality entertainment among household chaos. It’s an updated version of the initial switch that came out on its release with more beautiful colors and a crisper display. The sound system is also an upgrade. It has an astounding 64 GB of internal storage with a slot for additional storage with a microSD card.

It doesn’t come with the titular game, but you can add this to the gift if you feel celebratory. It will fit alongside the perfectly curated entertainment hub for the ultimate open-world gaming experience. The dock is glossy with intricate gold symbols that are a statement piece regardless if your dad is a Zelda fan. The system includes a set of Joy-Con controllers, so you don’t have to splurge on these peripherals.

The system retails for $359. If you want to tack the game onto it, the regular version is $69, and the collector’s edition is $129. 

Tile pro smart tracker

Where are dad’s keys? What about his laptop case? Is the e-reader mysteriously in the kitchen again? The Tile Pro Smart Tracker can attach to almost anything, and it connects to an app to locate where your favorite, most misplaced items are. 

It has a range of 400 feet with a replaceable battery that lasts around a year. It’s one of Tile’s first products where you don’t have to replace the entire unit after it expires, so it’s more practical and cost-effective in the long run. Once you sync the Tiles with the app, you can identify and track dad’s most precious objects.

A two-pack retails for $59. Other versions, including the Tile Mate, are cheaper but have reduced specs.

Ember temperature-controlled Smart Mug 2

Did you ever imagine buying your dad a mug that connects to an app? Today’s the day because the Ember Temperature-Controlled 14-ounce Smart Mug exists. It doesn’t matter if dad is a coffee enthusiast, hot chocolate lover or gentle tea drinker. Every hot beverage will stay warm without taking a million trips back to the microwave, disrupting workflow or making you pause family movie night for the tenth time.

The app gives drinkers control over their drinking experience, setting their preferred temperature between 120°F and 145°F as it warms over the charging coaster. It even detects when you finish your drink to turn the device on auto-sleep if you forget to turn it off.

If dad needs something to take better care of themselves, a mug to enjoy the little things could improve mental health and quality of life no matter where they drink it. Plus, it’s easy to clean, so what’s not to adore?

For $129, you can level up dad’s beverage game.

U-turn orbit turntable

It’s the gift for when a technophile meets an audiophile. The specs will make experience musicians or music listeners hyped to put on their favorite band:

  • 33/45 RPM belt drive
  • Gimbal tonearm with anti-skate features
  • Optional cue lever
  • Upgradable platter to play with acoustics and speed
  • Low-noise motor

The price ranges from $199 to $999 based on which version of the Orbit gift-givers choose. The most notable differences are the tonearm, cartridge, platter type — MDF or acrylic — and optional built-in preamp. It comes with a solid warranty and all of dad’s favorite colors.

Ekster parliament GPS smart wallet

Maybe the dad loses their wallet sometimes, or they care greatly about personal security. Getting them a gift that provides a sense of calm in a world full of uncertainty is a gift in and of itself, but luckily there are GPS-enabled smart wallets. 

For example, the environmentally friendly Ekster Parliament provides more than encryption from invisible hacker scans, like the ones commonly known to infect gas station pumps. It has RFID protection, so wireless cyber threats are not trying to steal family funds. It holds a max of 12 cards with smartphone compatibility. The range for the GPS is 200 feet, which will make your phone ring when looking for it.

The Parliament wallet retails for $90. You can add a Tracker Card to make it unlosable for a deal of $36, but it retails by itself at $60.

Gifts for tech-loving dads

The beauty of shopping for technophile fathers is everything has a techy version of itself nowadays. There are smart scales and water bottles, so no matter what you buy, there is the potential for something exciting that integrates with the rest of the tech you own. Regardless of the dad’s hobby or interest, practical and personal gifts will bring a smile to anyone’s face for Father’s Day.

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