Respite Care For Kids With Autism

Respite care for kids with autism.

respite care for kids with autism

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Offering care to an autistic child is a different ballgame. 

While it’s readily meant to be emotionally overwhelming, it can also be physically exhausting. This is why parents or caregivers are often witnessed rearranging their living spaces to make things comfortable for their children struggling with autism. 

Having said that, autism respite is one thing that is seemingly being tried and adopted by several suffering families. Reportedly, a study dating back to 2016 laid stress on the significance of respite which is imperative to bring down a family’s stress levels as a unit. 

This post offers insight into some of the best respite services available for kids with autism.

Read on! 

A new perspective of looking at things

Respite for kids with Autism may sound dull and boring. Well, in reality, it’s quite the opposite. 

Now, before we talk about your options, let’s answer the most common fear faced by all; change of environment –something that the majority of autistic kids dread. However, if you choose to work with seasoned respite providers, you will always be in good hands.

Take AdventureTeam for instance–an organization with like-minded individuals bonded by a common passion for outdoor adventure. With extensive experience in mentoring the youth, especially with a special focus on people fighting with conditions like autism and other disabilities, they are bent on making a difference. Every single activity planned out by the organization seems to border along the lines of happiness and fulfillment while still staying true to the goals of personal growth, independence, and overall well-being. 

AdventureTeam has two dedicated respite facilities namely Teneriffe and Auchenflower. Both houses pack in multiple, spacious living rooms that also promise privacy and are nestled in the heart of nature, a perfect getaway. 

For kids with autism, there are a whole lot of autism adventures to try out that include walking past beautiful parks and gardens or pottery classes (works great to encourage hand and eye coordination as well as develop motor skills) Rest assured, you will always be in the company of a mentor to guide you around and also take care of your child. 

Things to know before you sign up with an autism respite provider

Autism is never an easy condition to deal with, especially when a child is suffering from it. Hence, as a caregiver, it is your duty to ensure you run a good background check before you sign up with a support worker for Austism.

Often people seem to pull a reference to the Hollywood classic “Rain Man” when they make an attempt to understand autism. Sure they are right, but that movie is kinda old, and living with autism has come a long way since then. Thus, you will need to make sure your respite services provider has hands-on experience in dealing with individuals suffering from special medical conditions. 

Besides, here are a few pointers to keep in mind: 

  • Always ask for references. In case, the company has a website and social media presence, do check for testimonials from other visitors
  • Know the details of safety measures 
  • Check whether the respite crew is trained in handling kids with autism 
  • Check for their amenities

As a visitor to the respite facility, you should proactively check how NDIS support workers are dealing with other families. This will help you gain comfort with the process followed there. 

While doing so, it is important to understand that things aren’t going to be liked by your child in a day or two but in a week or so, it will even out. However, don’t ever go on with an uncomfortable situation, rather ask questions as much as you like. In case you find a particular respite worker a mismatch, always ask for a replacement. 

Wrap up

Undeniably, having to care for a child with autism means concerns and fears piling up each day. As such, an autism respite can help provide relief from daily stress not only for the suffering child but for the family as a whole. 

Autism respite has worked wonders for children by not only helping them to get comfortable outdoors but also enhancing their motor skills and body coordination, along with social connection.

Go on, give autism respite a shot. You will thank yourself later! 

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