Air Conditioner Replacement: Is it Worth the Investment or Not?

The cost of an air conditioner replacement: is it worth the investment or not?

the cost of an air conditioner replacement

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Enjoying the cool air of your AC unit on a hot summer day only to hear a loud noise followed by the complete stoppage of airflow is a frustrating and worrying experience. In this situation, there is no choice but to replace your unit entirely. However, choosing to preemptively replace your unit as it gets older can be a smart idea that protects against the aforementioned outcome. Considering this replacement is not cheap, however, it warrants looking at whether the investment is worth it.

Cost associated with AC unit replacement

First and foremost, it’s impossible to evaluate the worth of an investment if you don’t know what it will cost in the first place. The average cost of replacing an AC unit is just shy of $6,000 as of 2023, but that price can range from as low as $3,500 to as high as $21,000 depending on the work that is being done. Naturally, this is no small cost, especially if you’re looking to get an effective unit installed that has a large number of bells and whistles. 

Signs that an air conditioning unit needs to be replaced

One of the first major steps in determining if the cost is worth replacing your air conditioning unit is understanding how close to failure your current unit is. After all, air conditioning units have an average lifespan of 10-15 years, so replacing one that is still newer and only needs minor repairs may not be worth the cost. With that said, here are some common indicators that your air conditioning unit is in need of complete replacement: 


  • Your air conditioning unit is only blowing warm air
  • The AC thermostat refuses to work or only works sporadically
  • There are loud noises constantly coming from your AC unit
  • The air coming from the AC unit smells weird 
  • You notice major moisture and leakage from around the unit 



Any of the above signs, especially if they occur together, may indicate that your unit is getting older and could need replacing soon. 

Benefits of replacing an air conditioning unit

When it comes to debating whether to contact professional HVAC repair and installation service professionals such as The Otter Guys, it helps to understand the benefits of replacing your unit. The most prominent reasons that warranty the installation cost include:


  • Consistently cool airflow to all parts of your home
  • Significant energy savings if your old unit was aged
  • Improved indoor air quality that you can feel
  • A more environment-friendly unit 
  • Quieter systems that you don’t need to hear running all the time


The bottom line

The HVAC system is one of the most important in your home when it comes to your overall comfort. This is why no expense should be spared in making sure your system is in working order, especially with the warmer months on the horizon. Contact an accredited HVAC repair and installation team for your needs and to discuss options. 

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