How Moms Can Enjoy Myrtle Beach Vacations with the Family

How can you enjoy Myrtle Beach vacations with your family as a mom?

Myrtle Beach vacation

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If you are a mom with kids, you know that you need your precious downtime. Those moments when no one’s asking you for a snack or singing Baby Shark for the millionth time might feel few and far between. You may feel like you need a break sometimes, and you can’t always get one.

Maybe you’re taking a vacation this year, and if so, you may target Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It’s a fun place if you’ve never been there before, but you should also figure out how you can best enjoy the trip to and from the shore and also the time you spend there.

We’ll talk about some strategies that should let you enjoy your Myrtle Beach trip the most.

Figure out the best travel method

Before you look at the top-rated things to do in Myrtle Beach that most appeal, you must decide how you’ll get there. If you co-parent, you should talk about this with your spouse or partner before you arrange any other details.

You can talk about whether you should fly or drive. You might also look at taking the bus, but you’ll probably disqualify that option if you have young kids. Sitting in an uncomfortable Greyhound seat with a crying child for hours doesn’t sound like a very nice vacation at all.

Instead, you might drive. That way, you can decide where you’ll stop along the way. You will likely save money as well since flight prices have gone up so much recently.

If you fly, though, you’ll get there the fastest, and you won’t have to deal with yelling kids in the car for hours. Your little angels will likely behave themselves on a short flight, and you have a much better chance of arriving without having to separate them from each other.

Figure out the best hotel accommodations

You should also decide which hotel accommodations work best for you. Myrtle Beach has some very nice hotels. You can book one right by the seashore. 

The kids can go swimming in the ocean any time they like. You might also book a hotel with a swimming pool if the riptide worries you. You can decide whether you trust the kids with their own hotel room. If they are a little older, you can set them up with their own room next door to yours.

This way, they have their own space and can feel independent. They are not so far away that you can’t keep an eye on them, though. If they need you for anything, they can knock on your door. If you hear them getting too rowdy, you can knock on the wall and tell them to behave.

Arrange some much-needed alone time

You should also see whether you can set up some alone time on this trip. You probably love your kids very much, but you need some time by yourself so you can recharge your batteries.

Your spouse or partner can watch the kids for a few hours while you go off on your own. You might get yourself a manicure and pedicure or a massage. You can find some very nice salons and massage parlors in the Myrtle Beach area that can work out all the kinks and get rid of all your residual stress.

You might even hit a happy hour before you meet back up with the kids and your spouse or partner. You can find all-day happy hours at many bars and restaurants, and there’s no harm in having a beverage before you rejoin the family. After all, you’re on vacation.

See if you can set up a date night

You might also see if you can set up a date night for yourself and your partner or spouse. If you have at least one older teenager among your kids, you might feel they can watch the younger ones for a couple of hours. You can tell them they should stay in their hotel room, order room service, and watch a movie.

If you feel like you shouldn’t go too far, many hotels have restaurants right downstairs. You can spend a couple of blissful hours together before you head back up. 

You might have some surf and turf before retiring to your room for the night. If the kids need anything, you’ll have your smartphone with you.

Moms can enjoy Myrtle Beach this way, and the rest of the family can as well. 

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