5 Must See Destination Spots for a Florida Vacation

When you start planning your next family trip, there are some potential locations to consider depending on the type of vacation and accommodation you want. Those looking for adventure can consider heading to a national park, whereas those looking for a relaxing vacation should consider a trip to beach cities that offer different types of activities. 

Florida family vacation

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In particular, Florida boasts several famous tourist spots around the state and is a destination spot for over 135 million visitors in 2022 alone. Moreover, you can choose from 23 all-inclusive resorts in Florida. Learn about five of the best spots to visit in the Sunshine State as you start planning your next vacation: 

Disney World

Constructed after Disneyland was opened in California, Disney World is the larger of the two parks and features far more rides and attractions. Covering 43 square miles of land, you could spend an entire day at Disney World and still not see everything it offers. On top of this, there are several vacation house rentals near Disney in Orlando that are often cheaper than hotels, which is helpful for your budget. 

Key West

As one of many keys in the Southernmost part of Florida, Key West is the most famous of the bunch due to its unique culture. On top of this, visitors can enjoy famous landmarks such as the monument at the southernmost point of the continental United States or the Hemingway Home and Museum.

Key West is also known for its water activities. For those who love fishing, charters such as Key West Fishing Charters offer a hassle-free experience.


As one of the most prominent cities in the world due to its vibrant nightlife and gorgeous beaches, Miami can be an excellent destination for families with little kids or grown-ups. Sports fans can catch a Miami Heat game or museum lovers can enjoy the famous Paradox Museum. Whatever you’re looking for, Miami will have to offer you. 

The Everglades

For those looking to get outdoors even more when visiting Florida, consider driving to the famous Everglades. Consisting of over 1.5 million acres of wetland, there are unique animals and scenery that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. Jetboating tours and walking tours are common ways to see the sites in this area. 

Daytona Beach

Finally, Daytona Beach was put on the map due to the Daytona International Speedway, but there is far more to see in this city. The Museum of Arts and Sciences along with the famous boardwalk right on Daytona Beach are popular attractions for visitors. Whether you’re looking for art, culture, shopping, or something completely different, Daytona Beach has an abundance of options to consider and is fun for the whole family. 

Design your dream Florida vacation

Florida is one of the best vacations to consider in 2023 because the state offers something for everybody who visits. Whether you are looking for an amusement park or somewhere to lay down in the sun for the entirety of your trip, there is a spot for you in this gorgeous state. 

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