7 Items You’ll Need for Bathing Your Newborn Baby

What items will you need for bathing your newborn baby?

newborn's bathing

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Having a newborn comes with many responsibilities, and bathing is one of them. Bathing your newborn can be a difficult task especially if it is your first baby. There are some valuable supplies that you can use to bathe your newborn baby. Here are seven supplies that you will need to bathe your infant.


An infant bathtub is an essential requirement for the bathing process.

Non-slippery bathing tub

Bathing a tiny baby can be troublesome. Bathtubs help ease the job. A baby bathtub is safe for babies to lie on, and choose a bathtub whose surface is textured to prevent the baby from slipping. Some bathtubs include lower body support that supports the baby’s position.

As a mother who has been through labor, cleaning the baby without a bathing seat isn’t easy. A bathtub can be placed anywhere where it is comfortable for you, and it does not require heavy maintenance.

Cleaning essentials

A baby bath is not complete without cleaning supplies like soap and shampoo.

Baby soap and shampoo

A newborn baby has fragile body parts and skin. Taking care of the baby using non-toxic soap and shampoo is essential. Baby products are soft to avoid harming the baby. Choose a shampoo that is not scented.

Look for soap and shampoo that nourish your baby’s body and are gentle on the skin. Avoid any supplies that are pigmented. Your baby can suffer from a cradle cap where the scalp gets flaky and oily. Shop products for cradle caps if your baby has them.

Bath sponges

It is easier to clean your baby by using soft cleaning foams. Be sure that the sponge you use is very gentle on the skin. Do not use the sponge to scrub your baby. You can use the sponge to absorb the water on the baby’s body.


To maintain your newborn’s tender skin, moisturize the baby’s skin.

Gentle lotion

A moisturizer helps to resolve dry skin issues, resulting in the skin’s softness. When you are done drying up your baby’s skin after the shower, apply a thin layer of moisturizer on the skin. Ensure getting a toxic-free moisturizer for your newborn baby.


Toys are a good way of distracting your baby while cleaning.

Pliable toys

Buy vibrant toys that are very colorful to attract the baby’s gaze. Toys with sounds are a good option as the baby gets distracted by the sounds playing from the toys. Moreover, avoid getting hard toys that might hurt the baby accidentally. 

Bath towel 

You need to dry your baby after a bath session, and a bath towel is crucial for a bath.

Soft washcloths

A soft towel is required to wipe the baby properly without hurting the skin. A towel that has an attached hood will come in handy to wipe the baby’s hair easily. Find towels made of soft clothes to ensure gentle touch for the baby. Harsh rubbing can cause rashes and redness on the skin.

Swaddle cover

A swaddle cover is used to keep your baby protected when bathing. It takes time for a baby to get used to bathing, so until then, use a swaddle blanket to cover them. Use cozy and soft material, so it does not irritate your baby.

Nail clippers

Nail clippers are essential tools to help with the baby’s nail trimming.

Electric nail trimmer

It can be terrifying if it is your first time trimming your baby’s nails. If you are too afraid to cut nails manually, use an electric trimmer. Electric filers are user-friendly and help perform quick trimming, so the baby does not feel agitated.

Rinsing cup

A rinsing cup is an appreciable choice to have a smooth bathing session.

Handy rinsing container

A cleaning cup is not a must-have but will ease your job. Such cups assist you in pouring water on your baby’s body quickly. Buy scoopers with a grip so you can comfortably hold them and avoid slipping from your hands.


Baby bathing time should be fun and trouble-free. Cleaning supplies can aid in a calm bath for your newborn baby and are handy for handling a baby in the bath. Use the supplies mentioned to make bath time fun for your little one.

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