Where Can I Take My Kids for Their Birthday in Las Vegas?

Take your kids to the best attractions and venues for their birthdays in Las Vegas!

birthday in  Las Vegas

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Las Vegas may not be the first city that comes to your mind when choosing a location to take your kids on their birthday. However, Las Vegas has many exciting birthday party venues for children of different ages. Your kids could spend their whole birthday enjoying themselves at one or more of these venues. 

Let us explore the top 9 best places to take kids on their birthday in Las Vegas: 

Discovery Children’s Museum

The Discovery Children’s Museum is the perfect place for your kids to spend their birthdays in Las Vegas. The museum is an advanced and innovative playground with fun educational experiences for children. Your kids and their party guests can enjoy exciting art, math, science, engineering, and technology activities. 

The best part is that the museum allows you to arrange personalized birthday experiences for your kid. These custom birthday experiences include streaming music, colorful decorations, a personal party host, a private birthday room, ice cream cups, and other fun options. 

Cirque du Soleil shows

Cirque du Soleil is the most renowned production company in Las Vegas. They have a reputation for creating high-end entertainment shows suitable for audience members of all ages. If your kids enjoy skilled acrobatics and stunt work, they will enjoy spending their birthday watching any of the five Cirque du Soleil suitable for children and adults. 

The five best Cirque du Soleil shows for a child’s birthday include Mystere, O, Ka, Michael Jackson ONE, and The Beatles Love. When you buy Cirque du Soleil tickets in Las Vegas for your kids, look for exclusive promo codes and special package deals on websites like Vegas Lens. Then you can save money and possibly afford to take them to multiple shows in one day.

Tournament of Kings

The Tournament of Kings is a special entertainment show featuring medieval themes in King Arthur’s Arena at the Excalibur Hotel. Even though the show has knights dueling in the arena, it is family-friendly without violence or adult content. So it is perfectly suitable for children to attend and enjoy, especially on birthdays. 

The complimentary meals are another reason to take your kids to the Tournament of Kings on their birthday. They can enjoy a full-course meal while watching the incredible action from the arena below. Even parents and adults can enjoy this entertainment as much as their children. 

Comedy magic shows

Many children like to watch comedy magic shows because they are funny and unique. Fortunately, you can find plenty of comedy magic shows with content suitable for younger and older children. It all depends on the age range of your kids and their party guests. 

The most popular comedy magic shows for kids include Mac King Comedy Magic Show, Nathan Burton Comedy Magic Show, Murray the Magician, and Farrell Dillon – Hilarious Magic. If you take your birthday kids to any of these comedy magic shows, they will have a remarkable experience. 

Uptown Jungle Fun Park

The Uptown Jungle Fun Park has everything a child could want on their birthday. Your kids and their friends can enjoy numerous fun attractions at the park, such as the spider tower, ball blaster arena, mini zipline, mega play structure, ninja course, super slides, wall climbing, obstacle courses, and trampolines. 

It is an indoor playground perfect for birthday parties. Dozens of parents take their children to the Uptown Jungle Fun Park to celebrate their birthdays every week. It allows children to move around, socialize, and have fun trying tremendous challenges with their friends. 

Bellagio Fountains

Stop outside the manufactured lake of the Bellagio Hotel to witness the impressive Bellagio Fountains with your birthday kids. It is a free attraction featuring approximately 1,214 water nozzles and nearly 4,800 lights. The nozzles shoot water up to 460 feet into the air before it falls back down. Meanwhile, the numerous lights keep the water illuminated during the nightly fountain shows.  

Red Rock Climbing Center

The Red Rock Climbing Center is a great way to introduce your adventurous and energetic birthday children to the outdoor sport of rock climbing. It is an indoor climbing center with different climbing challenges for kids from 8 to 18. You can even reserve birthday party packages to give your kids and their friends two hours of climbing at the center. 


Adventuredome is a popular venue for children’s birthday parties in Las Vegas. It features numerous games and rides for children of all ages. And if your birthday kids have many friends, you can host a birthday party with up to 1,000 guests. You probably won’t find many other Las Vegas birthday venues with such accommodations. 

This five-acre indoor amusement park is at the Circus Circus Hotel. The fun activities featured include the Virtual Reality Room, Arcade, clown shows, coaster rides, 4D theaters, carousels, and more. 

Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix

Which kid doesn’t love to race go-karts or bumper carts? Well, the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix has a kid-friendly go-kart track with easy-to-drive karts, an arcade, and an excellent café with traditional American cuisine and tasty pizzas on the menu. 

Perhaps you could have a pizza party for your birthday kids at the Las Vegas Mini Gran Prix. Let them work up an appetite by racing their go-karts and then return for some of the best pizza they will ever eat. 


Las Vegas has the best venue options for kids to celebrate their birthdays. There are endless activities your kids can enjoy, such as shows, arcade gaming, go-karting, and so on. Would you like to learn about all the other Las Vegas shows available? If so, you can learn more about them on this site, including special ticket discounts and promo codes. 

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